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China, 30th June 2020: Birth Control Policy or Muslim Genocide?

It’s not an unknown fact that China is the populous country in the world. The one-child policy program was issued nationwide in China in 1980. The Chineses Government is now taking drastic measures to curb its population growth. Uighurs (Turkic-speaking minority groups who are considered Muslims) and other minorities are targeted to slash the Muslim population in China. Parents with 3 or more children are sent to detention camps unless a huge penalty is paid.

South China, 29th June 2020: South China Sea Disputes

History of the South China Sea disputes roots back to World War II. Japan used the island for military purposes before claimed by China. The dispute involves the Republic of China, Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Vietnam.
Since 2013, China began claims over islands in the Spratly Islands and the Paracel Islands region. These claims restricted freedom in the navigation of operation. The United States, France, and the United Kingdom have internationally condemned Chinese actions.
On 28th June 2020, the United Nations has accepted and welcomed the proposal that the South China Sea disputed be resolved in line with international law, including UNCLOS (United Nations Convention for the Law of the Sea).

Washington DC, 28th June 2020: Master Minds of 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks

bomb blast Attack

Pakistani-American David Coleman Headley, the mastermind behind the 26th November 2008 Mumbai terrorist attack, has been sentenced 35 years of jail by the federal court. Headley’s childhood friend Tahawwur Rana, a co-conspirator in the terror attack faces extradition to India. The 59-year-old Pakistani origin Canadian businessman was recently rearrested on 10th June in Los Angeles on an extradition request by India for his involvement in the attacks.

Assam, 27th June 2020: Over 2.5 Lakh People Affected due to Brahmaputra flood

According to the daily flood bulletin of the Assam State Disaster Management Authority (ASDMA), 2.5 Lakh Assamese are affected due to the Assam flood. The floodwaters entered 16 districts and caused 16 deaths in the city.

The District authorities said that the Brahmaputra and its tributaries are flowing above the danger level and have flooded Dhemaji, Lakhimpur, Biswanath, Udalguri, Darranf, Baksa, Nalbari, Kokrajhar, Barpeta, Nagaon, Golaghat, Jorhat, Majuli, Sivasagar, Dibrugarh and Tinsukia.

ASDMA has set 142 relief camps and distribution centers in 6 districts. The centers successfully sheltered 18,000 people. Pray for Assam!

New Delhi, 26th June 2020: Government e-Marketplace (GeM) sellers need to mention product place of origin. 

Demand Vs Want

The government of India has made it mandatory for e-commerce giants like Flipkart, Amazon, Tata Cliq, Snapdeal so on to mention country of origin for the products sold on their website. Each product should have detailed information of origin, local/ foreign component composition, and assembly.

The Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT) discussed with representatives of e-commerce platforms and has given them 5 months to complete the proceedings on their virtual platform.

Washington D.C. 25th June 2020: Virus from outer space. Is it possible? 

As per the Outer-Space treaty formed in 1961, under no circumstances should the extraterrestrial matter hurt the environment of Earth. Outer-Space body or astronauts are immediately sealed in a decontaminating chamber for three weeks post their moon tours. This is done to prevent space microbes from contaminating the Earth.
The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) launched a special rover to store samples from Mars. NASA officials stated that these samples shall be detained in the rover and treated like ebola virus. Is the Earth susceptible to outer space viruses too?!

Haridwar, 24th June 2020: Patanjali Ayurved Limited claims 100% cure of COVID 19


On Tuesday morning, the news channels flashed that Patanjali Ayurveda, a famous brand by the ‘yoga guru’ Ramdev baba, has come up with COVID 19 medicine named Coronil. But the Central Ministry of Ayush has asked Patanjali to furnish formulations and reports related to Coronil. The Center has also asked Patanjali Ayurved to suspend the advertisement. The effectiveness of medicine can only be determined when the common mass gets cured with Coronil. But Patanjali guarantees 100% that it will cure COVID 19 with Divya Corona kit including Coronil. If the claims prove true then it will open a new arena for Indian Ayurveda to the world.

India, 23rd June 2020: India wins the world’s largest solar tender.

Solar Panel

Amidst the hassle of the COVID pandemic and terror attacks on India, Adani Green Energy Limited (AGEL), and Azure Power have won the largest solar tender. This tender will help India to reduce Chinese solar imports.
The solar tender will result in the installation of 12 gigawatts (GW) of solar power generation and 3 GW per year solar manufacturing with an investment of USD 9 billion. The project also designates forward and backward linkage prospects to solar manufacturing in India.

Yemen, 22nd June 2020: Yemeni Separatists took over Galapagos of the Indian Ocean.

Yemen, the world’s poorest Arab country, has been devastated by civil war. The conflict began due to a failure of a political transition leading to corruption, unemployment, and food insecurity.
Yemeni separatists have seized control of the island of Socotra, located between the Guardafui Channel and the Arabian Sea. The Southern Transitional Council (STC) declared self-rule in the southern part. On Saturday, the STC announced it had seized government facilities and military bases on the main island of Socotra.

Mumbai, 21st June 2020: COVID 19 Meds.

COVID 19 vaccine - US stock market news

The Indian company headquartered in Mumbai Maharashtra Glenmark finds medicine for COVID 19. This medicine can treat COVID patients with mild symptoms. The medicine is an antiviral drug favipiravir under the brand name FabiFlu. FabiFlu has been approved by the Indian Medical Association. The test strip will contain 34 tablets, each tablet will cost Rs 103 and the MRP of the test strip will be Rs 3500. FabiFlu is an oral medicine with a power of 200 mg. This medicine can be a magnificent discovery in the field of medical science.

New Delhi, 20th June 2020: India won UNSC non-permanent seat. Huge Victory for India.

The UN Security Council is an important organ to uphold International peace and security following the UN charter. India won the UNSC non-permanent seat with 184 in favor of India out of 192. This is a huge success for India. The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA)’s Secretary Vikas Swarup expressed his views against terrorism and terror entities. He added that the process of imposing sanctions needs to be de-politicized as there is no justification for any act of terrorism.
The five permanent members of the UNSC — called the “P-5”— are the United States, Russia, Britain, France, and China. India believes that global multilateral institutions like the United Nations needs reform as they do not reflect the realities of the contemporary world.

India, 19th June 2020: As the tension rises between India and China ….is rupee kneeling down?

Indian Currency

As the water boils high between India and China, Indian cancels a railway contract with China of 470 core rupees. There are more contracts between India and China which are about to get canceled like the 1126 core rupee Delhi–Meerut RRTS project assigned to a Chinese multinational construction company (STEC) Shanghai Tunnel Engineering Co. Ltd. India has already started a cold trade war-making its citizens aware not to use Chinese products. China had warned India to stop the protest of anti-Chinese sentiments, threatening India that it could see a war on three fronts of the country naming Pakistan, Nepal, and China. Ignoring the warning India has a rock-solid attitude to kneel in front of China.

India, 18th June 2020: Turning China into a nemesis


War is not an answer in this pandemic. India has to bring down China through economic fronts. India has to work with its diplomatic channel to bring the anti-Chinese nations together and hit China hard on the trade front. The US has already started an economic war against China through different sanctions. Even India has to review all its business dealings with China. Breaking the dream of the Chinese Silk route will be the best answer to China. Yesterday all over India, there was news of protest against the use of Chinese goods. Its time for India to be strong in the military front and the economic front against China. China should know the Galwan valley belonged to India and will remain so.

Ladakh, 17th June 2020: Stand off or Stand still?!

After lots of headlines and changing numbers of martyred Indian soldiers since yesterday morning, the number has increased to 20 from 3. This escalation by China was not an event of last night but planned two years, “Doklam issue.” China made a horrendous mistake thinking India to the same as 1967. The changing attitude of the Indian armed forces has perplexed China. Will diplomatic level conversation help to sort out the problems between countries? Or India is getting ready for the war. Hopefully, the morbid situation ends soon at Galwan Valley of Ladakh.

Stand off or Stand still
Private Investment

New Delhi, 16th June 2020: Recession to hit severe

WPI inflation witnessed a fall of 3.21%. The contributor to the deflation was crude, petroleum, and natural gas, which showed a fall of 46.21%. However, the food articles have experienced a constant hike in prices since May 2020. The economy shall soon enter a state of recession like never before if preventive measures are not taken by the government officials. The pandemic has forced unemployment in many sectors. Tata Motors of the automobile industry shall shed 1,100 Jaguar Land Rover employees. The company has adopted a cost-cutting measure to survive the loss of earnings due to the pandemic.

The economy needs to be ready to face the upcoming shock.

Corona Pandemic

Beijing, 15th June 2020: The Second Wave of Corona hit China.

China reported it’s highest number of corona patients this month. The news triggered the fear of the second wave of the corona. The new cluster of infected people has prompted a new lock-down. The second wave of the pandemic has started from the Beijing market. Schools have shut down, and people are asked to stay home. The main concern for the Chinese government is the food supply in Beijing. Will Beijing turn into Wuhan? Hope not!

Kathmandu /New Delhi, 14th June 2020: India-Nepal relations are at a political freeze.

Nepal Parliament voted in favor to amend their constitution to update their national map. The new controversial map shall contain areas covering parts of Lipulekh, Kalapani, and Limpiyadhura along Nepal’s border with India. These passways have been maintained by New Delhi, India over the years. Anurag Srivastava, the spokesperson of the Indian Ministry of External Affairs said that “This artificial enlargement claims is not based on historical facts or evidence and is not tenable. It is also violative of our current understanding to hold talks on outstanding boundary issues.”

We can only hope that the strong relationship between India and Nepal is maintained even in the future.

New Delhi, 13th June 2020: Indian Forex reserves jumps to $8.22 billion.

 Indian Forex reserves have hiked to $8.22 billion.

In the history of financial India, for the first time, Indian Forex reserves have hiked to $8.22 billion. The country’s reserve position with the International Monetary Fund has also improved drastically. Ever since Indian Finance Minister, Nirmala Shitaraman announced a cut in the corporate taxes, foreign investments in India have risen. A sharp decline in global crude oil prices was a blessing in disguise for India during this pandemic period.

New Delhi, 12th June 2020: India recovers INR 1,350 crore from Nirav Modi

Diamonds worth INR 1,350 crores

As the country in under financial crunch after the COVID 19. The government agencies working at their best to bring the willful defaulters and the money they hijacked from the Indian economy. As a recent development by government agencies, the Enforcement Directorate (ED) brings back 23,000 kg of polished diamonds, pearls belonging to Nirav Modi, Choksi firms from Hong Kong. The net worth of these gems is about INR 1,350 croreThe Indian Government is working hard for the extradition of Nirav Modi and also requested the UK court not to entertain Vijaya Malays asylum request to UK court.

Britain, 11th June 2020: Vijay Mallya applies for asylum in the UK court

Being confirmed that he will be brought back to India, and as all his legal options ended in the UK, Vijay Mallya applies for asylum in the court of the United Kingdom. This is his last legal option to stay in the UK and stop his extradition to India. With a one billion-pound fraud case of kingfisher airlines, the Indian Tycoon Vijay Mallya still seeks protection under the UK law. Equality before classes fails in this society as it is said, “One law for the rich, no law for the poor”.

Ladakh, 10th June, 2020: Chinese troops pull back from LAC

China retreats its forces from LAC by 2.5 km. This shows that India has gained political weight-age in the world political forum. China has calculated all potential economic loss that it can face when the world is against the Chinese policies ( for Hong Kong) and statements ( for COVID 19). It was very much safe for China to get back and India to go forth at the border. But the question arises, ‘is it good to trust China on standoff?’

New Zealand free from corona

New Zealand 9th June 2020: New Zealand Prime Minister declared the country free from the pandemic.

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern declares the country to COVID free. No new case of COVID 19 has been reported so far, and the last corona patient was discharged yesterday. The question is, how the country attained the impossible? The answer to this is a strict lock-down. Stricter norms of lock-down helped the country to meet zero COVID positive value in the country.
However, we should not forget that the population of the country is about 50 lakhs. The median age of the population is 38, which strikes out the chances of COVID pandemic pretty much. Nevertheless, the female Prime Minister deserves a salute! Well done New Zealand.

Siberia 8th June 2020: Vladimir Putin declared a national state emergency as the Arctic river is contaminated.


The horrors of 2020 are yet not over. Arctic city of Norilsk faced an emergency as a humongous oil leakage contaminated the river. 21,000 tonnes of vicious fuel leaked from a local plant, poisoning the river with crimson color. The spillage has spread over 7 miles from the accident spot.
Russian President, Mister Putin expressed remorse as action taken to handle the Siberian Oil spill was delayed. The accident took place in a remote Siberian city of Norilsk. This is one of the worst accidents in the history of modern Russia.

COVID 19 vaccine - US stock market news

The United States, 7th June 2020: Is the world share market being puffery with the hype of the COVID 19 vaccine?

A recent trend is being seen in the US stock market as the bidders are seeing their lowest phase. After the confirmation of the COVID 19 vaccine on the trial phase with promising results by a leading US pharmaceutical company Moderna, the share market has jumped to a healthy high point. Is it the sweetest truth to mankind or a speculative answer by the US Government to pull money for the struggling economy? And will India see a similar trend?
The best answer will be the results of the vaccine on the filed. Till then investments should be done with caution. Happy Weekend!

Corona Virus Pandemic

India, 6th June 2020: India out beats Italy and takes the 6th position of deaths due to COVID 19

As per the records of John Hopkins University, Indian COVID cases have risen steeply to 2.35 Lakhs. India takes the 6th position as the number of reported deaths due to the virus reaches 6,641. The total number of active cases have risen over 2.3 Lakhs in the country as recorded this Friday. Maharashtra ranks first in fatalities, followed by Gujarat and the third position is held by Delhi.

The good news here, is that the recoveries in the country has also rises to more than 1.12 lakhs. Since, we aren’t yet blessed with COVID 19 vaccines, it’s better to say citizens have developed higher immunity. STAY SAFE!

New Delhi, 5th June 2020: India & Australia signs deal to be military sisters

The growing economic and military powers of China is a matter of global concern. The Chinese threat has consequences, one being intense military union. India and Australia have sealed the deal to share military base. A mutual agreement of support was signed between Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

India has has already signed a similar treaty with the United Nations. The India-Australia treaty has seven agreements including a landmark pact which talks about sharing the logistic military base for mutual support.

Mumbai Cyclone News

Maharashtra, 4th June 2020: Nisarga Cyclone

Maharashtra, South Gujarat and parts of Goa are under the radar of Nisarga Cyclone. This is the second severe cyclone to hit India. The cyclonic storm has moved its direction towards Nashik, Dhule, and Nandurbar districts.

  • People are advised to stay indoors
  • More than 19,000 people have been rehabilitated to a safer place by Maharastra Chief Minister Uday Thackeray.
  • The civil aviation regulator cautioned airlines regarding the cyclonic danger.
Prime Minister of India and US president

New Delhi, 3rd June 2020: Rajniti- political diplomacy

The Indian power of diplomacy can be seen. Donald Trump invites PM Modi to the G7 summit in the US. Will India talk about the new business opportunities that India can offer as the Republic of China goes in RIP mode for the US.

United Nations Flag

United States, 3rd June 2020: I can’t breathe

“Discrimination is an Inheritance by birth!!” for the black American, who stands on the other side of the white line. Trump used US national guards to suppress the protest against the discriminated killing of George Floyd “I can’t breathe” were his last words. For, the first time in US history when US national guards are deployed to suppress a protest.

Indian Flag

New Delhi, 2nd June 2020: Beijing threatens India

As the US President Donald Trump announces the country’s withdrawal from the World Health Organization, the world economy has steamed up. Trump also made trade war statement with China and Hong Kong. It seems like the two big economies are undergoing a cold war. Under such a scenario, China warns India not to be US pawn. Beijing threatens to say, India won’t be able to endure more shocks if the Asian country leans towards the US.
First, the Corona pandemic cursed by China. Second, the LAC Ladakh stress and now the threat. Seems like China loves to play it black and ugly!

Remove Chinese App

India, 1st June 2020: App to remove Chinese Apps.

Following the rising tensions between India and China and the escalating discontent against the country worldwide, a Jaipur-based startup in India has launched an application called ‘Remove China Apps’. This app developed by OneTouchAppLabs detects apps made in China on the users’ phones and provides a simple UI to remove them. Since its release on May 17, the app has already garnered massive support and has crossed one million downloads in less than two weeks. It is currently the top free app available on the Google Play Store, available for free.

India, 30th May 2020: India to ease lockdown.

The corona cases have risen over the days in the country, still the Indian Government decides to unlock the lockdown from 1st June 2020. So, saving the citizens or reviving the GDP… Which should be the priority?

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