Advertisement and Paid Promotion

Growth is never by mere chance… It is the result of forces working together…

The website aims at providing an international-virtual platform to budding businesses to grab potential market attention. We take pleasure to invite businesses, organizations, and websites to collaborate with us to advertise & promote their products and services. As per 1st December 2020, we are serving knowledge in 50+ countries. We assure you quality services.

Why Should you collaborate?

Eco-Fun-Omics is an educational website which has potential readers around the globe. 70% of our readers are Indians. Hence, you get an opportunity to target a wider audience. If you have a business or hobby which you want to flourish, this is an amazing opportunity for you.

Who will be your potential audience?

Eco-Fun-Omics is followed by the age group 16-65. Our readers belong to reputed colleges and universities. EduNATION Eco-Fun-Omics Team has collaborated with professors and researchers of top B-Schools in India. Example: Indian Institute of Management (IIM) and Indian Institute of Foreign Trade (IIFT).

What can you advertise?

We are providing you space on our website, where you can post banners, pictures, flashcards, link to your website/ Facebook page/ Instagram account so on. The rates are reasonable and market competitive. 

How can you pay?

We are open to any payment option:

  • Cash payment (least preferred)
  • Paytm
  • Google Pay
  • Net banking / NEFT
  • UPI
  • PayPal (for international collaborations only)

What spaces we offer?

Please choose as per your requirement and mail us at or contact@ecofunomics

You can use the form below to book your advertisement space and we will get back to your via email.

Single Picture – Text Media.

Beginner’s Package

The beginner’s package offers two options:

  • INR 150 – A single picture/ flashcard (SIZE- 4cm X 4cm) and a clickable link
  • INR 250- A single picture/ flashcard (SIZE- 7.5cm X 7.5cm) and a clickable link
Gallery and Collage

Premium Package

The Premium package offers two options:

  • INR 300 – A Gallery (SIZE- 10 cm X 10 cm) and a clickable link
  • INR 350- A Collage (SIZE- 11cm X 11cm) and a clickable link

Pro Premium Package

The Premium Pro package offers one option:

  • INR 350- A Collage (SIZE- 8cm X 8cm) and a clickable link

In this package, you can use three pictures to tell your story. In case you want to add more pictures, we can make provisions. 

Additional picture charges: INR 150 per image. 

Entrepreneur Package

The Entrepreneur Package offers three options:

  • INR 400- A video (max 1 min 30 sec) and a clickable link.
  • INR 400 – A picture (Size: 5cm X 5cm) and a text box, explaining or elaborating your product or service with a clickable 
  • INR 400 – An embedded YouTube video that will be redirected to the YouTube page. 

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