Ecofunomics 2018

Ecofunomics is an annual journal. We aim at providing an opportunity to every student and educator to heighten their career scopes irrespective of their caste, creed, religion, sex, educational background, or income status.

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Title: Ecofunomics

Frequency: Annually

Publisher: Ecofunomics LLP

Chief Editor: Ms. Shreya Roy

Copyrights: Ecofunomics

Starting Year: 2018

Subject: Social Sciences

Language: English

Publication Format: Online

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Mobile No: +91-7482028953


Year – 2018 | Volume 1 | Issue 1

Paper 1Demand and Want – Basic Economics
Paper 2Everything one needs to know about Nirav Modi-PNB Scam!!!
Paper 3How bad will the PNB scam hurt the economy?!
Paper 4Does being happy actually contribute to GDP?!
Paper 5Fashion Industry! Tricks or Treats?!
Paper 6Child Labor vs Child Starvation; Which is a Greater Evil?!
Paper 7Can minimum wage actually affect migration?!
Paper 8Intrapreneurship
Paper 9And Then I Realized Adventure!!!
Paper 10Artificial Intelligence- Are we summoning the demon?!

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