5 Top Performing articles of 2022

5 Top Performing articles of 2022

5 Top Performing articles of 2022

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Last year was a little slow for Ecofunomics, and the truth behind it is the unlocking of the economy, along with a lot of legal proceedings that took away most of the space on our plates. But, sometimes, slowing down is crucial to understand what needs to be improved, what’s working, and what’s not working – to pivot around the strategies.

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5 Top Performing articles of 2022

Now let’s hop on to the 5 top performing articles of 2022. Top Performing articles of 2022 are ranked based on the data provided by Google analytics.


5) Misinformation and the Contemporary World

Misinformation – the rampant spread of which exacerbated the ill effects of the pandemic since the onset of COVID-19, led the WHO to declare that the world is not just fighting an epidemic but an infodemic. “We’re not just battling the virus,” said the World Health Organization Director-General, “we’re also battling the trolls and conspiracy theorists that push misinformation and undermine the outbreak response.”


4) Women Empowerment: Diversity, Unity, Equality?

Women’s empowerment and gender equality started after India became a sovereign state in 1947. Constitution of India from articles 14 to 16 guarantees equal rights to both men and women. Gender-based discrimination is strictly prohibited. Despite the existing legislation to protect women and girls, the enforcement of the laws is weak. These should possess a big concern for a state like India, given that the rural population is around 65.97%. Women in rural areas do not have much access to education, employment, and healthcare services with no decision-making power.

Fast fashion

3) Fast-Fashion is Hurting Our Earth!

Fast fashion is a fashion process where retailers rely on mass production to generate cheap clothing at a rapid rate in response to the latest styles and trends. The low cost of garments tempts consumers into purchasing new clothes with each new trend. Meanwhile, their old, unwanted clothes contribute to environmental waste.

In our research, we asked consumers how they perceive fast-fashion and disclosed to them how sustainability plays an important role in the fashion industry.

food delivery apps

2) Food delivery apps – A case study analyzing the trend

Food delivery apps and online food delivery services are the new emerging trend of the 21st century. With the increased utilization of technology, reshaping the industry becomes significant to serve the final purchasers. Businesses need to update their strategies to satisfy the evolving expectations of consumers.

Food Delivery Apps have broken into conventional practices. It offers a helpful solution to busy work schedules, not letting people leave for a delicious meal. While the transition from traditional practices represents strategic changes in the business models. However, several other factors depict the reason behind the demand shift in their favor.

Increasing audience of pornography during COVID

1) Pornography and Economics: The rare talked Topic

The CEO of a pornography magazine revealed that treating the industry like a regular industry benefited his profit margins. Treating nude and porn movies like entertainment movies do the trick. This industry has its own set of rules and regulations. Every movement within the industry abides by the industry’s norms and laws. But the question is, how genuine and humane are these norms?

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