Career Counseling Workshop

Career Counseling Workshop

On 10th December 2022, Ecofunomics received the prestigious opportunity to conduct a workshop on Career Counselling, in collaboration with the Department of Economics of Sivanath Shastri College. Sivanath Shastri is a reputed college affiliated with the University of Calcutta and also the Alma matter of Ms. Shreya Roy, the Director of Ecofunomics LLP.

The launching towards leading this successful and impactful workshop started in September when Ms. Shreya Roy along with Ms. Oindrila Bhowmick visited the Sivanath Shastri College on receiving the invitation and due permission from one of their esteemed professor Mrs. Sudipta De.

The initial conversation turned out to be very fruitful and gave the team an impetus to prepare for the workshop. As discussed with Professors Sudipta De, Rtd. Prof. Sukhendu Sarkar, and the highly respected Principal Ma’am, Dr. Runa Biswas; it was decided that the team will be conducting a career counselling workshop with the 1st, 2nd, and final-year students of the Department of Economics. In two months, the agenda for the workshop was decided. There would be three sessions- How to pursue Ph.D. and build a career as a professor, How to build a career in the corporate world, and last but far away from least, How to be an Entrepreneur. The first session was to be taken by Ms. Shreya Roy, the second one by Ms. Oindrila Bhowmick, and the third one by Mr. Sumon Banerjee. All these three sessions were designed exclusively for students pursuing Bachelor’s courses in Economics currently. Brochures and bookmarks were also prepared for the students and professors attending the workshop as a token of their kind gesture. The workshop was prepared in the form of a PowerPoint presentation and the three speakers prepared their respective slides keeping in mind that the session would not be a lecture but more of an interactive session where students and professors would also provide their useful insights on the mentioned topics.

Career Counseling

Finally, on 10th December 2022, the day of the workshop arrived and the team reached Sivanath Shastri College at 8 am since the event was scheduled to start at around 8.30 am. On arriving, the team was very warmly welcomed from the main entrance itself by Professor Sudipta De and we were led to the staff room and cordially greeted by the other esteemed professors who were part of the participants. Not to miss the coffee served to us on a cold wintry morning to boost up our energy and start the session in high and positive spirits!

The emcee of the event was one of the professors who welcomed the three speakers once again with due respect and warmth to the students and other professors who were participants in the event. This was not the end of the warmth and respect the three speakers received, they were felicitated with flower pots by their students and all these gestures made the speakers even more enthusiastic and recharged to hold a powerful and impactful session.

Career Counseling

The first session as mentioned was about pursuing Ph.D. and gearing oneself to be the change-maker in society that is to become a professor and create an impact in thousands of lives. Ms. Shreya Roy whom herself is pursuing Ph.D. and looking forward to becoming a professor conducted the session very confidently and received an overwhelming response from the students. Students expressed their desire to pursue Ph.D. through their questions and queries. As a surprise, Ms. Shreya Roy had also arranged a fun game session in the form of a questionnaire which was distributed to the participants before the beginning of the session. The questionnaire consisted of an insight of questions that would give the participants a rough insight into whether they were interested in teaching and research, whether they were interested in exploring the vast corporate world or whether they were interested in becoming their masters and taking on the world by becoming entrepreneurs. This fun session turned out to be very interesting and made the event not very serious which was the main motto of the speakers- to have fun while discussing some serious topics!

The second session was conducted by Ms. Oindrila Bhowmick where she discussed the wide range of prospects available out there in the corporate world. People usually dread the word corporate, but her main motto was to make the students comfortable and confident about the thought of joining the corporate world and that the corporate world is much more than a 9 to 5 job.

The grand finale session was conducted was Mr. Sumon Banerjee who used his first-hand experiences as a full-time entrepreneur to introduce the students to the world of entrepreneurship. He held the session with real-life examples and asked the students questions about their business ideas which made the session an interactive one. After the three sessions ended, were deeply thanked by the professor and students.

To our surprise, we received an overwhelming and warm response from every participant. The speakers were asked questions after the session which showed their interest in the sessions. Students at such a young age usually shy away or remain confused about what to pursue after education is over, but after the session ended they came to us and discussed openly what they wanted to pursue, hence the speakers cleared away some of their career-related confusion and also their fear. The main perspective of Ecofunomics was to give the students a clear idea of their career prospects and students of Economics and to have the courage to move forward in their respective areas of interest fearlessly. We express our heartfelt gratitude to all the professors and the students of the department of Economics of Sivanath Shastri College, University of Calcutta for the wonderful and enriching experience.

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