ISSN Assigned: Good News for the authors.

ISSN Assigned: Good News for the authors.

ISSN assigned to Ecofunomics.

ISSN: 2583-780X (Online)

Title: Ecofunomics

Ecofunomics, an international educational and research organization, currently serving knowledge across 136+ countries, is proud to announce the assignment of International Standard Serial Number (ISSN) for all our publication(s). The National Science Library, New Delhi will now be responsible for monitoring the use of ISSN(s) given to Ecofunomics and supplying up-to-date data to the International Centre for ISSN, Paris. This significant milestone marks an important step in the ongoing growth of our organization. We believe this achievement will further enhance our reputation and add credibility to our work.

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Annual Social Science Journal

Below are details for your reference:

About Ecofunomics Journal

Title: Ecofunomics

ISSN: 2583-780X (Online)

Frequency: Annually

Publisher: Ecofunomics LLP

Copyrights: Ecofunomics

Starting Year: 2018

Subject: Social Sciences

Language: English

Publication Format: Online

Email ID:

Mobile No: +91-7482028953


What is an ISSN?

For those who may not be familiar, an ISSN is a unique eight-digit serial number assigned to a specific serial publication. It is the most complete reference source in the world for the identification of serial publications, managed by the CIEPS, also known as the ISSN International Centre. The ISSN International Centre was officially formed in Paris on January 21st, 1976, under the terms of an agreement signed in November 1974 between UNESCO and France, the host country of the International Centre. It has a network of 93 National Centres throughout the world. The Portal, published by the ISSN International Centre, allows you to search through the worldwide database of ISSN bibliographic records, both print and online, in 234 countries.

ISSN serves as a reliable means of identifying and distinguishing individual serial publications, irrespective of their medium (print or electronic) which includes newspapers, reports, journals, magazines, websites, databases, blogs, etc. It is associated with the title of publications.

What form does an ISSN take?

The ISSN takes the form of an acronym, followed by two groups of four digits, separated by a hyphen. The eighth digit is a check digit calculated according to a modulus 11 algorithm based on the 7 preceding numbers, this eighth control digit may be an “X” if the result of the computing is equal to “10”, to avoid any ambiguity.

Here is an example for our readers who must have seen something like this before but didn’t know the meaning.

Benefits of an ISSN

  • It serves as a mark of authenticity and recognition for our publication(s). It establishes our credibility and demonstrates that our work meets international standards.
  • It allows our publication(s) to be easily identified and discovered by readers, researchers, libraries, media channels, etc. This increased visibility will help expand our readership and help us reach a wider audience.
  • The designation provides added assurance to our readers that they can rely on our publication for accurate, timely, and authoritative information.
  • It can play a vital role in protecting our intellectual property rights. It offers legal protection and helps safeguard our content from unauthorized use or plagiarism.
  • As a standard numeric identification code, it is eminently suitable for computer use in fulfilling the need for file update and linkage, retrieval, and transmittal of data.

Our commitment to delivering exceptional and interesting content remains unwavering, and we are excited to embark on this new chapter with our ISSN as a symbol of our growth and reliability. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our authors, readers, clients, and partners who have supported us throughout our journey. This achievement would not have been possible without your trust and continued engagement.


Ms. Jyoti Agarwal,

Research Associate,

Ecofunomics LLP.

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