Ecofunomics LLP’s 2023 Charity Event

Ecofunomics LLP’s 2023 Charity Event

Ecofunomics LLP’s 2023 Charity Event: A Day of Giving, Learning, and Joy

In the heart of Patamda, Jharkhand, in the dislocated Hurumbil village of the East Singhbhum District, a heartwarming charity event took place on the 15th of October 2023. Organized by Ecofunomics LLP, an organization known for its annual charity initiatives, this year’s event was not only an act of generosity but also a day of enlightenment and happiness for the local community. The meticulous planning and dedication of Ecofunomics LLP, led by its founder and director, Ms. Shreya Roy, turned this event into an unforgettable experience for everyone involved.

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Selecting a Worthy Cause

The planning for Ecofunomics LLP’s charity event began with the crucial decision of where to direct their efforts in 2023. This year, the team consulted Mrs. Saswati Patnaik, the lead organizer of the Swadhina NGO. Mrs. Patnaik revealed a pressing need in the region – three extremely deprived Anganwadi centers (rural child care centers), in Hurumbil village required school bags for the young students.

Eager to make a meaningful impact, Ecofunomics LLP embraced the cause and embarked on a mission to provide these children with much-needed school bags. However, securing bulk school bags suitable for these toddlers was not a simple task given the time constraints. The team ordered the bags directly from a Jamshedpur factory, ensuring their quality and suitability for the kids.

Beyond school bags, Ecofunomics LLP went a step further and arranged for essential supplies. Pencil boxes, and stationery sets, including pencils, erasers, sharpeners, rulers, and sketch pens, were also part of the donation, ensuring that the children had the tools they needed for their education.

Personal Touch

What sets this charity event apart is the personal commitment of Ms. Shreya Roy, the founder, and director of Ecofunomics LLP. She took it upon herself to personally pack every school bag, and stationery set and even included edibles for the children. Her hands-on approach demonstrated the organization’s dedication to making a direct and meaningful impact.

A Lesson in Environmental Awareness

2023 Charity Event

Just a short walk from the Anganwadi centers was a local rural school. Mrs. Saswati Patnaik, the visionary behind Swadhina NGO, organized a rural seminar on environmental awareness. Unexpectedly, more students than anticipated attended this enlightening gathering. Ms. Shreya Roy was invited to deliver a speech on environmental awareness in the vernacular language, and her charisma and passion captivated young minds.

Ms. Roy’s talk covered the importance of the environment, the value of traditional pottery skills and their market relevance, recycling plastic waste, and innovative ways to use microplastics. Her speech concluded with a powerful message: “Remember we have not borrowed Mother Earth from our parents but from our children. It is our duty to protect the earth since we have to return it to them.”

Empowering the Youth

The educational segment of the event continued with a quiz based on Ms. Roy’s speech. The students enthusiastically answered the questions, showcasing their newfound knowledge and understanding of environmental issues.

Following the enlightening talk on environmental awareness, Ecofunomics LLP introduced an engaging memory game to the students. On a table lay 26 carefully arranged images, which the children were encouraged to memorize. The classroom was thoughtfully divided into two boys’ teams and two girls’ teams, fostering teamwork and friendly competition. After 20 seconds of careful observation, each group was given a generous 3-minute window to jot down the items they had committed to memory. The students displayed remarkable recall abilities, demonstrating their enthusiasm and involvement in the game.

The subsequent segment of the event included a competitive twist, as the winning groups among both the boys and girls were challenged with nature-related riddles. These riddles not only piqued the students’ curiosity but also imparted valuable knowledge about the natural world. In the end, three winners were declared among both the girls and boys, underscoring the event’s success in fostering learning, environmental awareness, and joyous competition among the young participants.

A Happy Conclusion

2023 Charity Event

As the event came to a close, Ecofunomics LLP distributed food packets to each student, containing snacks, cookies, chocolate, and a glucose soft drink. The joy on the faces of these children was palpable, as they left with not only new knowledge but also a tangible reminder of the day’s activities.

The Warmth of Hospitality

The Ecofunomics team, after a day of giving and learning, was eager to return to the city, but the villagers had other plans. In a touching gesture of appreciation and gratitude, the villagers hosted a feast for the team. Lavish meals of white rice, daal, mixed vegetables, fish head curry, egg curry, and chatni were prepared, reflecting the warm and welcoming nature of the community.

Ecofunomics LLP’s charity event in 2023 was not just about giving school bags and stationery to the children of Hurumbil village; it was a day of empowerment, enlightenment, and shared happiness. The event demonstrated the power of generosity and the importance of educating future generations about environmental awareness. In the end, the memory of this event will undoubtedly linger in the hearts of all those involved, a testament to the positive impact that a caring and committed organization can have on a community in need.

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