5 Effective Mind Management Tricks to be Successful in Life

5 Effective Mind Management Tricks to be Successful in Life

Our mind is the wildest horse in the world and taming it, is essential to winning a life race. So how to be a perfect mind jockey? Mind management is the most crucial thing which should be taught in class but nobody takes the initiative to elaborate on this topic. Let’s learn how to train our minds. Let’s get acquainted with mind management. And I guarantee you… you will be a successful person.

How to increase your subconscious mind’s efficiency

Efficiency = output /input

This is the common formula to calculate efficiency. Similarly, mind efficiency is also calculated in a similar manner. The amount of work done divided by the amount of time involved in doing a task. You might study 5 hours a day but the marks scored is only 40%. This means your efficiency is low.

Either you need to reduce the hours of input or increases your score. But are you happy with a low score? So what should be done to increase mind’s efficiency? What can be done to increase the outcomes of your activities?

Mind Management, Subconscious Mastery
Mind Management: How to increase mind’s efficiency?

The 5 ‘M’s to Sharpen your Mind

Just like the 4 factors of production (land, labor, capital, and entrepreneur) are essential to produce a commodity. Similarly, 5 ‘M’s are required to produce a successful person.


Define success to your subconscious mind

To be successful in life it is important that your brain knows what success means to you. Some might want to excel in studies, some in business, some simply want a happier life so on so forth. So, you need to define what success means to you.

  • Maintain a planner and write it down
  • Set short term success goals (which should be rigid- you cannot change them)
  • Long term success goals which you can be flexible with

Generally, short term goals are best if you haven’t yet decided what you want to excel in. Maintaining a planner or jotting down your plans somewhere keeps a check on mind management.


The Law of attraction is the best way to confirm self success. The entire world is ready to give a bad-evil eye, all you need to do is give yourself that good-blessed eye. Just when your head hits the pillow at night, take a few moments and think about how life would be when you are successful. That’s when the energies actually listen to you. They see what you desire and builds your future exactly the same way.

Do you recall, as a kid, we were asked to pray before we went to sleep? Well! that’s when our subconscious mind is most alert. Your body drains but your subconscious mind is working it’s ways to your dreamland. And when your subconscious mind is convinced, know that you have changed your karma. But obviously, you need to labor manually.


There is nothing as free lunch. You must know the rules of the barter system. If life decides to make you successful, it needs something in return. You must know what to trade with life to be successful. It can be some hours of your sleep, some me time, hang out with friends, or any such sacrifice.

If you are reading an article on the success you are contributing to your successful life. Watching a video related to your aim shall also be counted as a trade-off.


Did you know a proper meal can actually make a man successful? Well not directly but definitely indirectly. There is plenty of food that enriches and develops your brain and nervous system. The cerebrum is responsible for higher brain actions like thoughts and processing of data. So, stronger your cerebrum is, better are your success chances; since your thinking ability and management skills are enhanced.

Eat Right to enhance your mind power
Eat Right to enhance your mind power

Omega 3 fatty acids, caffeine increases the alertness of your brain. This helps you to understand, absorb, and react better to a situation. Under a stressful situation try consuming hot coffee or chilled coke. It reduced negative stress hormones and increases brain thinking and managing ability.

Medicines like aspirin, ibuprofen, or any other pain killer have anti-inflammatory compounds. It distracts your brain from pain, in other words, it quietens those nerves which tell you about pain and helps you to stay focused in your work. (Eco-fun-omics is not recommending medicines or drugs) . On the other hand, medicines like zolpidem tartrate, triazolam, or any other sleep-inducing drug calm your mind and prohibit taking actions. These medicines are prescribed to depressed, anxious, or insomniac patients. And a potential success craving person should be proscribed inflammatory compounds. He cannot afford a dull or drowsy brain.



Did you know that horror or thriller movies actually triggers the correct part of your brain that releases fight or flight hormones? In simpler words, it prepares your body the same way as warm-up does before exercise. It speeds up the heartbeat which pumps more blood in the body. Blood carries oxygen and hence the supply of oxygen to the brain also increases. Probing your mind to become sharper. The more you watch horror movies, detective series, thriller genres; your mind becomes more efficient and productive.


Books that talk about success, personality development or simply related to your goal, create an atmosphere or delusion for your mind and pushes you towards achieving it. sometimes it so happens, subconsciously the mind even creates and attracts golden opportunities. If a small child constantly keeps nagging to her father for a balloon, the father gets convinced to fulfill her desire. Similarly, the heart is the small naive little girl with desires and the brain is a strong super dad who listens when his child nags. All you have to do is nag for a better and a prosperous life. And you will be successful and prosperous.


Let me present a small story here.

Axe and the wood cutter

Once upon a time, there was a jobless young woodcutter. He went up to the forest official and asked for a job. The young man was well built with strong arms and a tough torso. The officer offered him the job of wood cutting. The desperate man happily accepted the job and the brand new ax (or axe). He worked with full enthusiasm. He would cut 100 trees a week. The officer was very happy to see the man work so efficiently.

Weeks passed by, the efficiency of the young man started to drop. Now, he was able to cut only 50 trees a week. And then he could do no more than 20 trees. So, the officer went to him and asked, ‘what’s the matter?’ The woodcutter replied, ” I am not sure, I am still working with full strength. I still need the job and money. But I don’t know what’s wrong with me that I can cut no more than 20 trees a week.”

Do you know what was wrong? He had forgotten to sharpen his ax. The moral of the story is, ‘sometimes it is required to step back and look at the methodology’. upgrading your skills and taking inspiration from your role model and learning to work SHARP is the key to success. Play more of memory games and brain games like Rubrics, brain vita (also known as Peg Solitaire) or card memory games. These sharpen your mind and increases the functioning of the cerebrum.

  • Mind Management Games - Rubrics


Rest is important even for the brain. Mind management should start with training the mind to think and should end with mind meditation. Meditation is of different kinds. Some would say meditating in silence help, some say yoga is meditation and some would say chanting prayers is meditation.

Personally I believe any meditation is something that keeps stress or work-related matters away from your brain. It can be anything like reading a light-hearted book, ideally sitting alone in the garden, excising, yoga, spending time with your kids, watching a movie with your loved one, or anything which your heart and brain both can enjoy together.


Meditation has it’s own benefits.

  • It reduces stress and anxiety
  • relaxes muscles
  • enhances self awareness and foresight
  • increases mind efficiency and memory power
  • stabilizes emotional health

Best selling Mind Management Books

The Chimp Paradox was published in the year 2012 and authored by Steve Peters is one of the best Mind Management books worth reading. It helps to achieve self confidence, success and a happy life.

Why do I do That authored by Joshep Burgo with a 4.2 good reads score. It talks about self exploration and basic strategies of psychodynamic psychotherapy.

The Practicing Mind is even freely downloadable. It was published in the year 2006. The book explains how to overcome fear, bring life discipline, and focus on ambitions.

If a person can religiously follow these essential tricks of mind management, he is bound to be successful. One needs to train and tame the mind before achieving success. Thoughts become words. Words become actions. Actions become your character and character becomes your destiny. Once you have sowed the seeds of success in the mind land, the seeds are bound to bear fruits. A little hard work, some smart work, a pinch of sharp work, and lots of mind work… that’s all you need to prepare that perfect dish of success.

All the best!!!

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