Build a Stunning Cover Letter

Build a Stunning Cover Letter

How important are cover letters? Will it decide my employment chances? How can I write a cover letter that boosts my job opportunities? This article will answer all such questions. Please read till the end to create that perfect first impression in the professional world. I highly recommend the video embedded below for better visual examples.

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What is a Cover Letter?

Some companies allow a designated space in the job application form, while some ask you to write on the body of the email. The letter should consist of information indicating a basic summary of why you are fit for the company.

Cover Letter is the first impression in the professional field.

Cover Letter format?

1) Salutation

A general greeting to the HR manager executive or head of the team is mandatory. A simple ‘Hello’ or ‘Respected Ma’am/ Sir’ is courtesy. It is recommended to greet with the person’s name if you are provided with one. Some companies simply mention the HR person to whom you are expected to write.

2) Introduction

The next crucial step is to introduce yourself. Who you are, and which position you want to apply? Learn to be crisp and to the point. Nobody wants to read a long literature passage in the corporate world.


I am _________ a student of __________ department of __________ university and would like to apply for ___________ designation in the company.


I am I am currently working for _________ organization in the _________ position in the ___________ department and would like to apply for ___________ designation in your company.

3)Quick summary

Dedicate the next paragraph to a summary of your professional background. Talk about your executive experiences and educational qualifications in detail.

  • What is your current designation?
  • What are your years of experience?
  • What is your highest educational qualification?
  • Which specialization did you opt for in your graduation and post-graduation?
  • Other extra curricula, voluntary services or computer skills that can boost your chances to get an interview appointment.
  • Answer the question of how you will be a perfect match for the position or why they should hire you?

P.S. Your cover letter should be somewhere between 500 – 1000 words.

Keep it brief since nobody is interested in lengthy paragraphs. Also keep it mind that you have attached your CV for detailed information. This is not the place to fit your autobiography? In the body make sure to mention only those points that will support your purpose to earn an interview opportunity.  

4) Closing sentence

Appropriate closure of your cover letter is crucial. Appreciate the time of the HR manager or executive for reading your email or cover letter. Express expectation for an interview meeting to portray and present your skills better. Indicate a call-to-action.

For example, state something like: I would appreciate an opportunity to discuss my experiences and skills in more detail during an interview. I am eagerly looking forward to hearing from you.

Hope this article was helpful. Please write to us for doubts or suggestions.

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How to build a perfect cover letter? In this video, we share tips and important points on preparing a cover letter. This is an important step to build an awesome career.
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