We are Economists

We are Economists

We are economists -
An inevitable verity
that you can’t deny.
We creep into every field 
to feed upon everything
Like parasites, 
yet not dependent.

We amalgamate  
calculated psychologies  
into philosophies of science, 
Subjecting them 
to face the everyday world. 
We are archivists, analysts, astrologists 
At the same time. 

We know how to dig out your past  
and to predict your future 
Although “We are all dead in the long run” 
Studying after-life is quite fun! 

We rule the world 
But we are humble enough  
not to say so. 
Cause, we are economists - 
Apparently Shallow, 
Hard to decipher, 
Bi-polar, bi-faced, 
ambiguous creatures: 
We can suggest you to  
"Go clear uplands,  
go and urbanize, globalize.” 
And then again 
provide measures  
for ‘Save forest campaigns’. 
We are economists -  
The ones to prescribe policies 
To describe your tomorrow;
The ones whose decisions 
Must take shape in precision;
The ones whose foundations Exist on old pillars
And those inscribed stories can give you thrillers!
We hatch eggs of new theories
At moments of catastrophe;
We counter them, 
We burn them down
At the next crisis.

A cyclical reality we are -
Like a phoenix rising 
from its ashes.
We are an unstoppable plethora,
An ever unending era.

You talk about Kautilya,
You talk about Keynes,
That’s how our edifice reigns.
Economists do live as saviors.
For men may come and men may go
But We …. Go on forever!

Sweeyam Chakraborty

Visiting faculty

at EIILM Kolkata

Junior Research Fellow

at Serampore College

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