Fast-Food… Still Trendy?

Fast-Food… Still Trendy?

A hundred years ago, the first fast-food restaurant was established in the United States of America. However, shreds of evidence prove that over two thousand years ago, we had fast-food restaurants. A recent excavation says that Pompeii, a Romanian civilization had fast-food restaurants over two thousand years ago.

These restaurants served quality food for people in the class of the society who didn’t have an adequate facility in their home to cook food. They dished up a spread of menu ranging from meat, soups, and vegetables. These fast food stalls had their menu printed on the counter as an image. The town of Pompeii got under the ash of Mount Vesuvius that erupted on August 24th, 79 AD, destroying the Roman city of Pompeii. The explosion of Vesuvius of Pompeii was more than 100,000 times powerful than the atomic bomb that dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki of Japan in the second world war.

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Fast-Food Business

Fast-food restaurants have more revenue than any other restaurant categories. According to sources, fast-food restaurants earn more than 110 billion dollars a year. Fast food is one of the most preferred food around the world. The billion-dollar business industry is growing day by day.

Burgers are considered to have the highest calories in fast-food restaurants and salads served with monies and seasoning are considered the lowest calorie food in a fast-food restaurant. But some salads like the Bacon Ranch Salad has more calories than a burger. Seeing health concerns, even fast-food restaurants have started serving food that and healthy and don’t do as harm as regular food.


McDonald’s has started with new healthy food recipes. Subway is already in business with salads. A recent shift in consumption shows people are more calories conscious while choosing an option from a fast-food restaurant. In the hunt for a healthy lifestyle, Japan aces the race. The country has the best healthy fast-food options on its menu list.

However, having a healthy menu option is enough? A current research article posed that a fast-food restaurant area is more unhygienic than a toilet seat.

The New Trend

The new trend is a fusion of the traditional tasty menu items and the healthy crazy diet portions. People love experiments even if they are surprising fast-food menu list. Adding a food menu from different parts of the world health-wise will give growth to a fast-food restaurant. For example, Japanese Susie restaurants are growing in India. Adding fruits and fresh vegetables to the menu and replacing sugar and sugary drink with drinks made up of honey will be a good option. Low-fat meats or fried replaced with baked, and other such items with low calories will attract the younger generation.


A shift towards a healthy menu might not change the unhealthy eating habits of the general crowd. We need to change and develop a healthier taste. There should be a transparent fact of the food, which should be stated in the menu card that consumer orders.

We should stop relying on fast food restaurants for meals rather we should find substitute food items that could replace the need for fast food in our life. 

Sumon Banerjee


Mr. Sumon Banerjee… Besides being a die-hard foodie, Mr. Banerjee possesses expertise in his subject and believes practical knowledge teaches you the best. He has expertise in law, management, and consumer psychology.

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