The Real Story Behind Valentine’s Day

The Real Story Behind Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is around the corner. It is a beautiful day when couples and lovers celebrate love all around the world. Traditionally not all appreciate the term ‘love’ and the expression of love. Hence, I decided to dig deep to unveil what Valentine’s Day is?

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The Real Story of Valentine’s Day

14th February is celebrated as a romantic holiday to celebrate love. The contemporary world defines love as a romantic, passionate feeling between two people. However, Valentine’s Day has its roots back to the days of 269 AD. 14th February is basically the death anniversary of a catholic saint named St. Valentine. He was known to perform weddings of young couples in Rome during the 3rd century. But one day, he performed the wedding of soldiers who were forbidden to marry. St. Valentine considered ‘love’ a true feeling of a pure heart.

The words of the forbidden marriage spread like a fire. The wedding was against Christianity and Roman culture in the days. Soon St. Valentine was imprisoned. He was ordered to be executed.

It is also found in many writing that St. Valentine treated the Judge’s daughter of blindness. Before his execution, he wrote a letter and signed it as ‘Your Valentine’ as a mark of love. And hence, every year on the 14th of Feb we celebrate him and his passion for love. In India, we started celebrating Valentine’s day after 1992. MTV and other reputed shows had a role to play in it.

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