Protect Your Books – 5 Pro tips

Protect Your Books – 5 Pro tips

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A book lover treats his/her book like an asset. If you belong to that category, you probably want to secure and protect your book. So here are five pro-tips that might be helpful in the long run.

5 tips & tricks to protect and secure books

opened diary with pencil placed on desk

Use a pencil or a highlighter instead of a ballpoint or gel-pens.

If you’re somebody who studies from a book (rather than an e-book), or who makes notes from a book; the best way to make notes is to jot down the important points in another diary, or another notebook. But, in case you’re one of those people who like to make notes in the book itself make sure to either use a neon/ florescent highlighter to mark key points in the book. Or use a normal HB pencil to write side notes. It maintains the durability of your book. Avoid gel or ballpoint pen since they leave an impression on the next page and sometimes blotches and ruins the book entirely.


The best habit to keep a track of your reading progress is a bookmark or a sticky note. You might have seen plenty of people folding the corner of a page to keep a track of what they last read. The most annoying part is when the book is a borrowed or a library issue. It just shows how ill-mannered you are to ruin somebody else’s property.

While selecting a bookmark always try to opt for thin and sleek bookmarks to avoid bends and dents in the pages. The places where the page is folded or bent, it is most likely that the page will tear from that part.

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Book cover

If you are using a book with a paperback cover, it is recommended to cover or wrap your book with an additional book wrapping paper or normal gift wrapping decorative papers such as handmade paper, marbled papers, or other options which are easily available in the craft stores.

There are two specific book wraps available in the market: paper book wraps and synthetic plastic book wraps. Needless to mention, the synthetic wraps are more durable but non-biodegradable. On the other hand, paper wraps are less durable but biodegradable. Chose your wrap wisely, if you intend to keep the book for years, use a synthetic wrap. However, if it is a class book that you will use only for a year, use a paper wrap.

books on brown wooden shelf

Book shelves and Book ends

It is recommended to invest in good bookshelves and/or bookends. It will help to keep your book covers intact and bend-free. If it is not possible or logical for you to purchase bookshelves and you have no place to keep your books, use your window panes, desk, or floor space to display your books. So, if you are not using bookends or book-stoppers remember to lay your books flat rather than vertical. If you don’t place them horizontally, you will most likely damage the corners or the books.

woman in black crew neck t shirt sitting on books

Resell and Donate

This tip might sound cliche, but if you’re not using a book please understand a book has more potential for spreading knowledge than you can imagine. Hence, either donate your book to your nearby school library or college library whatever is easily available to you. Now, if you want to make some money resell your books to the old book stores, on OLX, or eBay. At the end of the day, somebody is going to reuse your book. Hence, you’re increasing the life of your book and you’re increasing the chances of enlightening somebody else’s world.

Those were the five pro tips which you can adopt to protect and secure your valuable books.


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