Economika 2023 Call for Chapters

Economika 2023 Call for Chapters

Economika 2023 presents Socio-Cacophony, a walk down the social issues lane. We invite researchers, scholars, professors, and professionals to make some knowledge contributions to our upcoming journal. We welcome research articles, commentary papers, case studies, views and opinions, notes, etc.

Full Chapter – extended deadline – 20th of May 2023

Acceptance intimation – 31st May 2023

Tentative Publishing Date – 05th August 2023

Send us your submission at or

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Theme & Thrust

Socio-Cacophony: a walk down the social issues lane

A socio-cacophony implies any harsh, non-harmonium social issue which requires some elucidation. The broad areas of the topic can include:

  • Globalization, Liberalization, privatization issues
  • Trade policies and welfare
  • Growth & Development
  • Banking & financial issues
  • Behavioral theories
  • Environmental issues
  • E-commerce and the Digital Economy
  • Urbanization
  • Economic Uncertainty and dis-equilibrium
  • IPR & Challenges to the transmission of development
  • Labour Productivity and Employment issues
  • MSME and SEZ
  • Social issues e.g. gender, race, geographical discrimination, etc.

How to Apply

  • You are requested to send an extended abstract of 750-1000 by 31st January 2023.
  • Once your article is selected we will intimate you via email and request you to send the final article by 30th March 2023.
  • The chapters will enter the blind review process. You will receive an acceptance intimation by May 2023.

Who can Apply?

The platform is open to all potential curious minds.

  • Professors, teachers, educators, researchers, etc.
  • Graduate, Post Graduate, or above students.
  • Corporate personnel

Review Fee

If your article is selected you will be asked to pay the review fee. We accept all currencies and all modes of payment.

  • Graduates and Post Graduates – INR 500
  • MPhil and Ph.D. Scholars – INR 800
  • Professors or corporate personnel – INR 1200

THE FEE IS APPLICABLE ONLY IF YOUR ARTICLE IS SELECTED. Invited contributors (such as invited professors) are our guests, please do not pay any review fee.

About Us

Ecofunomics LLP is an international research and educational firm serving knowledge across 130+ countries as of April 2023. We are registered and recognized under the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Ministry of Higher Education, Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises, and the Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade under the Ministry of Commerce and Industry (Government of India).

Economika Series

2023 marks the third anniversary of ECONOMIKA. Every year we provide this opportunity, especially for budding researchers and young scholars to share academic space with top-notch professors and professionals. The revenue thus generated is used to uplift the underprivileged especially students.

Economika 2022

The Modern Charade of the Developing Economy – What do we mean by it? The developing economy is just a façade (a deceptive outward appearance)?

Economika 2022
  • Mr. Keynes & Festival Economy – Prof. Sugata Marjit, Distinguished Professor, Indian Institute of Foreign Trade
  • Transformative Learning Business Education for a Regenerative Economy – Prof. Kanika Chatterjee, Professor, University of Calcutta
  • A “Face-Recognized” Trip to the Mall – Ms. Sneha Roy, Senior Data Scientist, Humana Inc., Boston
  • The Seven Strata of Poverty and Their Solutions in the Sanātana Dharma – Mr. Tirthendu Ganguly, Ph.D. Research Scholar, Banaras Hindu University
  • Public Policy in the aftermath of the COVID-19 Pandemic – Mr. Hardik Gupta, Ph.D. Research Scholar, Indian Institute of Foreign Trade (Delhi)
  • Impact of Afghanistan’s current situation on Global Trade – Ms. Aroohi Dudeja, Data Scientist, Dunnhumby
  • Gold Investment: The Safest Investment? – Mr. Sumon Banerjee, COO, Ecofunomics LLP
  • A Case Study Analysing Consumer Behaviour Concerning Fast Fashion. – Ms. Shreya Roy, Ph.D., Indian Institute of Foreign Trade (Kolkata).

Economika 2021

The dynamics of globalization have brought about many changes in the modern world. Society is proceeding towards modernization along with digitalization. Under such a scenario, talking about contemporary issues of the modern world is a necessity. Every individual has a different theory regarding the contemporary issues of the modern world. Problems concerning economy, politics, business & trade, history, or geography are issues of one and all. The book is a small contribution to the global economy. It has opened its wings to economics, management, journalism, literature, and all that contributes to knowledge.

Economika 2021
  • Prof. Mahalaya Chatterjee, Centre for Urban Economic Studies, Calcutta University
  • Dr. Aruna Kalra, Senior Gynaecologist, and Obstetrician, CK Birla Hospital
  • Mr. Himadri Shekhar Chakrabarty, Doctoral Fellow, Indian Institute of Management (Calcutta)
  • Mr. Sayantan Ghosh, Research Assistant under Tanushree Goyal, University of Oxford.
  • Ms. Sugandha Huria, Ph.D., Centre for International Trade and Development, School of International Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University
  • Ms. Stuti Bawa, Consultant, Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, New Delhi
  • Dr. Suparna Banerjee, Assistant Professor, Bangabasi Evening College
  • Dr. Aparna Banerjee, Assistant Professor, Serampore College
  • Mr. Shivang Mathur, Senior Journalist, and Motivational Speaker, Alumni, Asian School of Media studies
  • Ms. Manisha Chopra, Nutritionist, Dietician, and Fitness Expert, Alumni, Colorado University
  • Ms. Vinie Shrivastava, Assistant Teacher, Ramakrishna Sangha Vidyamandir, Kolkata
  • Ms. Aaroohi Dudeja, M.A. in Economics, Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, New Delhi
  • Ms. Meghna Gandhi, M.A. in Economics, Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, New Delhi
  • Ms. Mahak Huria, PR Executive, LusterPR. PG Diploma in Business Journalism and Corporate Communication, University of Delhi
  • Mr. Sachin Shukla, PG Diploma in Business Journalism and Corporate Communication, University of Delhi
  • Ms. Sushmita Shukla, M.A. History, University of Delhi
  • Dr. Prosenjit Mukherjee, Vice Principal of Bangabasi Evening College


  • The contributing authors will receive no royalties in cash or kind or any form of financial gain.
  • There is a review fee chargeable to all contributors whose article is selected.
  • Each contributor will receive a free contributor’s soft copy of the journal.
  • Students will also receive certificates.

Charity Events

So what do we do with the profits generated from Economika?

The Economika project is an emotion for all the team members. It is like a celebration. Once, we are done with the project and we have covered the expenses – we organize our annual charity event. The revenue is redirected to organize the annual charity event.

Economika 2023 Brochure

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