Academic Research can brighten student’s career!

Academic Research can brighten student’s career!

Academic research is the development process of knowledge and the birth of new theories that will enhance our learning process. The accessibility to the internet has made it easy to get hold of all the required information. It has encouraged more and more people to indulge in this field. It is crucial to have a culture of people engaged in academic research to discover new documents reliably.

The New Education Policy 2020 and Academic Research

The Covid-19 pandemic has led to increased awareness on research, and India must now pave a new research-based path to the post-pandemic road to economic growth. According to the World Development Indicators published by the World Bank, India spends barely 0.69% of GDP on research.


The National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 report released by the government recently provides some light at the end of the tunnel. The first noteworthy point is that the NEP provides for a research ecosystem under the stewardship of the National Research Fund. It aims to provide the required impetus to grow the Research and Development (R&D) by building a research ecosystem comprising the government, universities, research institutes, and industry. NEP emphasizes a multidisciplinary approach in education and the need to nurture a curious and creative mind to develop analytical and critical thinking abilities at an early age.

The NEP 2020 emphasizes students in a great deal, represented as follows:

  • Recognizing, identifying, and fostering the unique capabilities of each student is necessary. It is achieved by sensitizing teachers and parents to promote each student’s holistic development in academic and non-academic spheres.
  • Achieving foundational literacy and numeracy by all students by Grade 3 is the highest priority.
  • There should be outstanding research as a co-requisite for education and development; a continuous review of progress based on sustained research and regular assessment by educational experts.

NEP 2020 has been unveiled, with a lot of thought process, optimism, fanfare by the Government of India. The proposed delivery of education is very broad-based, circumspect, and all-encompassing.


Importance of Academic Research for a student

Academic research conducted by students is significant. It allows discovering different angles about a particular view that were not discussed or thought about before. While researching, a student goes beyond personal experience and collects evidence based on facts and rationality. It is the best tool to enhance knowledge and facilitate learning.

Academic research experience allows students to understand published works and determine an area of interest. It also helps them decide their career choices as a researcher, academician, or a corporate executive. A good research project or dissertation during college education is crucial to boost the resume of a student. It helps them to seek a greater higher education scope and job opportunity. A student’s application is accepted or rejected based on how good their college research work was. Therefore, conducting academic research with innovative ideas is extremely important to succeed in life.

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