Call for chapters and articles – ECONOMIKA 2022

Call for chapters and articles – ECONOMIKA 2022

Call for chapters and articles

Abstract – 15th November 2021Extended date 27th November 2021

Full Chapter – 30th December 2021 – Extended date 15th January 2021

Tentative Publish Date: 16th February 2022

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Contact: +91-7482028953

The year 2022 marks the fourth anniversary of EcoFunOmics. On this occasion, we take pleasure in inviting young minds and keen researchers to express their views on changing and emerging trends around the globe and share new and radical ideas for individual, societal and economic betterment.

Economika 2022 – Call for chapters

The Modern Charade

The world is moving ahead step by step but are we moving towards growth and development at all, or is it just a charade? How successful were global conglomeration, liberalization, privatization, and all the futuristic policies?

  • Global conglomeration, Liberalization, privatization
  • Trade policies and welfare
  • Income & gender inequality
  • Growth & Development
  • Risk and credit management
  • Behavioral theories
  • Financial technology
  • Banking and financial regulations
  • Consumption, production & distribution

Ecofunomics – Our Story

Ecofunomics tries to bring interesting, knowledgeable, and intense articles in simple and relatable words. The website’s main purpose is to create awareness and curiosity even among those readers who do not share economics or management as their educational background.

On 5th August 2021, we were incorporated under the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (Government of India) as Ecofunomics LLP. Currently, we are serving knowledge across 74 countries. We are happy to have your love and support.

Economika Series

16th February is the founding day of Ecofunomics. Hence, every year, on our birthday, we make a strategic attempt to publish a new volume of Economika. We want to provide an international platform for young and budding researchers to put forth their views.

Published Book – Contemporary Issues of the Modern World, to know more click below. (16th Feb 2021). We are registered under the Ministry of Higher Education (Government of India)

How will you benefit?

Eco-Fun-Omics has a widespread of readers across the world. Currently, we serve knowledge services in 74+ countries. Hence, you get an international audience to present your views and opinions.

  • If you are an aspirant researcher or a young college student, this will boost your career opportunities.
  • If you are an established educator, this will serve you as a feather on your hat. It will add to your professional profile.

How to Apply?

  • You are requested to send an abstract of 50-100 words explaining your topic by 15th November 2021.
  • Send your abstract with a proposed title and 3-5 keywords
  • Once your article is selected we will intimate you via email and request you to send the final article by 30th December 2021.
  • The chapters will enter the blind review process.

Please submit your manuscript in MS word with a Times Roman Font (Font size of 12).

Who can Apply?

The platform is open to all potential curious minds.

  • Professors, teachers, educators, researchers, etc.
  • Graduate, Post Graduate, M.Phil or PhD students.
  • Professionals
  • A group of students led by a teacher or an educator. (Team of 3 or below )

For queries please drop a mail at, DM us on IG @ecofunomics, or What’s App us @ +91-7482028953

The contributing authors will receive no royalties in cash or kind or any form of financial gains. There is no registration or participation fee involved.

Call for chapters

Don’t miss the opportunity to shine… Send us your chapter now!!!

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