Economika 2021

Economika 2021

Eco-Fun-Omics was established on February 16th, 2018. The purpose of the website was to bring fun to the subject of economics. It was desperate to show that a social science/ humanities subject could be interesting and engrossing. Eco-Fun-Omics is an educational and research website. We publish knowledgeable reads, academic articles, and papers in easy and simple words with relatable examples and research questions.

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16th February 2021 marks the 3rd anniversary of ECO-FUN-OMICS. On this eve, EduNATION Eco-Fun-Omics decided to publish its first journal ‘ECONOMIKA’. We wanted to provide a platform to young and budding researchers to put forth their views and opinion regarding the contemporary issues of the modern world. It was a surprise for us too, as we ended up with a book rather than a magazine.

Contemporary Issues of the Modern World


The dynamics of globalization have brought about many changes in the modern world. Society is proceeding towards modernization along with digitalization. Under such a scenario, talking about contemporary issues of the modern world is a necessity. Every individual has a different theory regarding the contemporary issues of the modern world. Problems concerning economy, politics, business & trade, history, or geography are issues of one and all. The book is a small contribution to the global economy. It has opened its wings to economics, management, journalism, literature, and all that contributes to knowledge.

Economika 2021 Authors:

  • Prof. Mahalaya Chatterjee, Centre for Urban Economic Studies, Calcutta University
  • Dr. Aruna Kalra, Senior Gynaecologist, and Obstetrician, CK Birla Hospital
  • Ms. Shreya Roy, Ph.D., IIFT & Founder Eco-Fun-Omics
  • Mr. Himadri Shekhar Chakrabarty, Doctoral Fellow, Indian Institute of Management (Calcutta)
  • Mr. Sayantan Ghosh, Research Assistant under Tanushree Goyal, University of Oxford.
  • Mr. Sumon Banerjee, Managing Head, Eco-Fun-Omics
  • Ms. Sugandha Huria, Ph.D., Centre for International Trade and Development, School of International Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University
  • Ms. Stuti Bawa, Consultant, Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, New Delhi
  • Dr. Suparna Banerjee, Assistant Professor, Bangabasi Evening College
  • Dr. Aparna Banerjee, Assistant Professor, Serampore College
  • Mr. Shivang Mathur, Senior Journalist, and Motivational Speaker, Alumni, Asian School of Media studies
  • Ms. Manisha Chopra, Nutritionist, Dietician and Fitness Expert, Alumni, Colorado University
  • Ms. Vinie Shrivastava, Assistant Teacher, Ramakrishna Sangha Vidyamandir, Kolkata
  • Ms. Aaroohi Dudeja, M.A. in Economics, Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, New Delhi
  • Ms. Meghna Gandhi, M.A. in Economics, Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, New Delhi
  • Ms. Mahak Huria, PR Executive, LusterPR. PG Diploma in Business Journalism and Corporate Communication, University of Delhi
  • Mr. Sachin Shukla, PG Diploma in Business Journalism and Corporate Communication, University of Delhi
  • Ms. Sushmita Shukla, M.A. History, University of Delhi
  • Dr. Prosenjit Mukherjee, Vice Principal of Bangabasi Evening College

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