Women – Her First Struggle for Acceptance

Women – Her First Struggle for Acceptance

Women is not worth it. She is so dark. She cannot do it. She does not have the spark. She is incapable. She is weak. She does not need to be independent. She may spoil her children, and that’s the point to freak….

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It has been ages since the evolution of humans,
But the status of a woman is still a question.
Most of the world functions under patriarchal norms,
Which never considered women as humans.
Being humane is what we are taught every time,
But a woman is still struggling till her last lifeline.
Domestic violence is very normal,
And questioning the system has always been a problem.
A problem that makes a woman a witch or a prostitute,
Who has no value and functions in solitude!
Independence of a woman has always been a subject,
A subject to suppress or reject.
Wages were never equal or up to the mark,
As men were considered strong,
And women as society’s weak spots.
The honor of a woman has always been in the hands of a man,
But nobody has ever thought of making them independent.
Independent to fight for their rights,
To struggle for their status
And make them powerful from every single site.
At every stage of life, women are asked to prove themselves,
Not to herself,
But to the society’s evil elves.
As a woman, as a daughter, as a mother, as a wife, or as a sister,
They had to give the so-called Agni Pariksha to show who they are.
The social construct is such,
Everything seems to be natural and functions unconditionally.
Unconditional for a woman to never raise their needs and requirements,
As if they are society’s economically weak tenants.
But the discrimination is not just bound between a male and a female,
The whole society is rising with the mindset through ages at a different scale.
On one hand, a woman bears all the pain to give birth to a new life,
But has always been questioned for her capabilities, worth, and rights.
The question that keeps striking in the mind,
Is she a property?
Is she a toy?
Is she a valuable commodity or a thing?
Or a bird with her gashed wing?
A bird who does not know how to fly,
As the cage of society has never let her move freely in the sky.
She has been filled with the great fear of rejection,
As she has been raised as per society’s acceptance.
Her sacrifices never count,
She has to grapple with herself in life’s every round.
She is passive,
Her mistakes always looked massive.
She cannot resist,
As she might look like an altruist.
But the time is changing,
So do the needs and requirements that have evolved.
Education has opened up many spheres,
to lighten up the women’s world.
It took decades to get rid of the enslavement from the four walls,
To function in society in different roles.
Rani Laxmi Bai, Sarojini Naidu, Kasturba Gandhi, Captain Laxmi Sehgal are some of the examples,
The number of women who worked for the world is ample.
Be it the freedom struggle of the country,
Or the voting rights,
It helped many women to grow and fight.
The sex ratio of males and females has slowly changed,
Many families now don’t see a girl as a social burden.
She has been sent to the school,
By Reminding her every day about her limitations and rules.
Yes, the time has changed, so is the struggle,
Now, it is not just about the voting rights,
But about the power, upliftment, equality, and mindset to a muggle.
Reading in the books about feminism is not enough,
Application in society is very tough.
Because Not just women but men are also the victims.
It may take ages to change the mindset and to create change within.
Woman studies, gender studies, and feminism are subjects,
That we study in our education,
But it is worthless if it is not applied to society’s notions.
Being critical is not a point of digression,
Questioning society is a major part of evolution.
No doubt, society has evolved,
But the problems are yet to be solved.
Acceptance is still a question mark,
Because society has to understand the difference between feminism and feminazis.
That’s the only way a woman can pave her way and rise.
Women need to support and motivate the other woman,
So that the change and result come out in common.
Written records are yet to be understood in a better way,
So that both men and women can create equal ways.
The individuality of a woman should be respected,
And identity, respect, and dignity should not be affected.
Having some space is everyone’s right,
And women too are part of it.
The struggle for acceptance is still a topic,
Like every single part of society needs to uplift.

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Sushmita Shukla

M.A. History
University of Delhi.

Sachin Shukla

Business Associate, Immeasurable Corporation
PG Diploma
Business Journalism and Corporate Communication
University of Delhi

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PR Executive, Luster PR
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