August Newsletter

August Newsletter

India’s struggle for independence from British colonial rule in 1947 remains a watershed moment in its rich history. Through nonviolent resistance and unwavering determination, the Indian people secured their liberty and forged a path toward self-governance. This monumental achievement continues to inspire nations worldwide and is a testament to the power of unity and the pursuit of freedom.

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Don’t Miss Out: Dates to Remember

12th August: International Youth Day

15th August: Indian Independence Day in India

19th August: World Humanitarian Day

26th August: Women’s Equality Day

Celebrating Milestones


2 years of Incorporation

August 5th, 2023, marks Ecofunomics LLP’s 2nd year of incorporation, celebrating remarkable growth and success in the educational and research sector, promising a greener future.

Annual Magazine Unveiled

Introducing our upcoming magazine: “Socio-Cacophony: A Walk Down the Social Issues Lane.” Our dedicated team is working tirelessly to bring you thought-provoking reads. Stay tuned for a fantastic collection.  

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Welcome Afghanistan

Joining our global reader community, we extend a warm welcome to Afghanistan. Delighted to announce our knowledge-sharing now reaches 140 countries.

Trending Topics Unveiled

Youth and Women: India’s Quest for True Independence

Youth and women empowerment holds the key to a brighter future in India. However, despite 76 years of independence, the extent of true independence experienced by the Indian youth and women remains a topic of discussion. This article explores India’s ongoing quest for achieving genuine independence for these segments of society.


As India completes 76 years as an independent nation, let us have a look at some unknown brave women who inspired and helped in shaping Independent India.

In 1977, Kolkata erected the first statue of a woman in Independent India, honoring Matangini Hazra.

Tessy Thomas proudly became the first woman to lead an Indian missile project, bringing honor to India.

Avani Chaturvedi – Sky Warrior,  became the first Indian proud woman to fly solo a fighter aircraft.

Breaking stereotypes and inspiring the world, the youth, including women from all backgrounds, should continue striving for their dreams, knowing that there is always a first time for everything.

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Article curated by Ms. Jyoti Agarwal, Research Associate, Ecofunomics LLP.

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