The Weekly Digest: Is Ghost for real?

The Weekly Digest: Is Ghost for real?

Have you experienced paranormal activities? Did you ever encounter an experience with a ghost? Are you skeptical about their existence? This week, we gladly present to you an intriguing article.

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Does the ghost scare you?

Is ghost for real? We often get goosebumps, when we hear something related to the supernatural. Around 56% of people around the world believe in ghost and ghost-related supernatural phenomenon. The metaphysical phenomena appear in countless stories, in epics, culture and religions from Bible to Macbeth. People believing supernatural phenomenon are present around the world.


Science had worked hard to comprehend the world of supernaturals and the metaphysical mind of people. Numerous experiments have taken place and the conclusion is bewildering. Often we understand ghost as something that has a paranormal effect on the living world. The question, what happens to the soul after death? Is the immortal soul is the ghost? People with physic power have often claimed to see and communicate with the paranormal. Reports around the globe suggest that ordinary people have claimed to video tap paranormal effects and felt their sheer presence. A very famous book life beyond death by Swami Abhedananda has a very detail explanation of the soul that we often confuse as the ghost.

The soul is not material or not anything that belongs to the world. The soul is a powerhouse and source of energy to the body. First Law of Thermodynamics states that energy can be changed from one form to another, but it cannot be created or destroyed. The shine and the effects of the soul vary from person to person. These energy sources are often get acquainted with people as ghosts. There may be a million experiments done by sciences to find out the exact existence of phantoms. But the answer to this question lies in the vary base of religion and psychology. Therefore, to understand the supernatural we need to understand the 4th dimension of the world through religion and psychology.

The Weekly Digest: Current Affairs

yellow flag on boat

Washington, 9th August 2020: NASA all ready to collect the first asteroid sample

NASA’s OSIRIS-Rex spacecraft is all ready for its final rehearsal before it lands on the asteroid Bennu. The spacecraft will orbit at an average speed of 0.3kph before it touches the surface of the asteroid for 5 seconds. The spacecraft has to collect the sample within the 5 seconds and return to its safe home orbit around Bennu. Post rehearsal, on 20th October 2020, OSIRIS-Rex will collect the sample and will return to earth on 24th September 2023. The spacecraft has a long journey ahead.

United Nations Flag

United States, 8th August 2020: US elections

Tops at the chart Coronavirus in the USA. With more than 4.9M cases in the world, D. Trump wants to delay the election as he is unprepared to lose his position. Joe Biden of Democrat has a winning chance of 98% here we see Mr. Trump(Donald Trump Republican) loosing with only a 3% chance of winning. COVID vaccine will be out till election says, Mr.D. Trump. Banning Chines apps and blaming China doesn’t bring a clear runway for winning the election for Mr. D. Trump.

close up photo of assorted color of push pins on map

Pakistan, 7th August 2020: Pakistan’s new map

Pakistan included Junagarh in its new map. Junagarh is an India province since independence, and is now added to the new map of Pakistan. Under political pressure and pressure of rafale, Pakistan is taking Moorish steps like Nepal. This clearly states the both Pakistan and Nepal have the same mentor i.e. China. Pakistan’s new map will be presented in the UN assembly soon.

variety of brown nuts on brown wooden panel high angle photo

United Nations, 6th August 2020: China’s seed conspiracy

China sending seeds mystically to USA citizens without any acknowledgement. Citizens of us have received different varieties of seeds some identified as pumpkins, maize and fruits but some seeds are still to be identified. but the question that arises is why china sending seeds without acknowledgement.

Beirut, 5th August 2020: Lebanon explosion, trembled the country.

Yesterday a massive blast caused by 2,750 tonnes of ammonium nitrate, which was recklessly stored in the Beirut port warehouse, resulted in a fatal blast. The explosion devastated the capital city. As per the latest news, 78 were declared dead and 4000 injured. The blast had an immense force of a 3.5 magnitude earthquake. The 2,750 tonnes of ammonium nitrate was lying in the warehouse for 6 years without precautionary measures. Prime Minister Hassan Diab, expressed grief and said that a warehouse without precautionary measures is not acceptable.

residential buildings under cloudy sky

India, 04th August 2020: Worst hit country and affected by drastic calamities.

Last Sunday, the highest number of COVID 19 cases were added to the country. India’s count was 53,641, that of the US was 49,038, and that of Brazil was 24,801. Apart from the pandemic chaos, it seems like the Goddess of nature is too upset with the country. The country was hit by severing super cyclone Amphan, severe storm Nisarga, depression BOB 03, stormy rainfalls bulbul, earthquakes, Assam floods, and other tropical typhoons including Kyarr, Maha, Vayu, Hikka, and Fani. Now, the metro city, Mumbai is declared under Red Alert. The districts Thane, Pune, Raigad, and Ratnagiri districts of Maharashtra will remain in red alert for two days. The coastal city suffered heavy rainfalls and precipitations throughout the night, flooding the city to a fatal level.

adult architecture bar buildings

India, 3rd August 2020: North Korea receives anti-tuberculosis medicine worth $1 million from India

Land of a nuclear weapon North Korea receives anti-tuberculosis medicine worth $1 million from India. When most countries distance themselves from North Korea. India is easing the trade relationship with North Korea. A very strategic plan to counter China. India with a healthy trade relation with North Korea in various products including timber. The Indian embassy in Pyongyang, the capital of North Korea has confirmed the philanthropist act by India. Indian diplomacy proves its strength with well-balanced relations between the USA and North Korea.

We would like to thank Mr. Sumon Banerjee for handling the write up, news, and articles of Ecofunomics through out the week. This week was extremely busy for all team members but Mr. Banerjee went out of this schedule to help the team and keep the readers engrossed.

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