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“If You Want to be Powerful, Educate Yourself…”


About Eco-Fun-Omics

Eco-Fun-Omics was established on February 16th, 2018. The purpose of the website was to bring fun to the subject of economics. It was desperate to show that a social science/ humanities subject could be interesting and engrossing. Eco-Fun-Omics is an educational and research website. We publish knowledgeable reads, and academic articles, papers in easy and simple words with relatable examples and research questions. On 5th August 2021, we were incorporated under the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (Government of India) as Ecofunomics LLP.

As of January 2021, we are serving knowledge across 60 countries. We are happy to have your love and support.

Published Book – Contemporary Issues of the Modern World, to know more click below. (16th Feb 2021). We are registered under the Ministry of Higher Education (Government of India)


Eco-fun-omics tries to bring interesting, knowledgeable, and intense articles in simple and relatable words. The main purpose of the website is to create awareness and curiosity even among those readers who do not share economics or management as their educational background.

Hence, the logo represents the three primary colors red, yellow, and blue, and basic shapes circle, square, and triangle to portray the use of primary and basic concepts to write our articles. We intend to spread the light of knowledge to one and all.

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Ecofunomics is an educational and research organization to feed knowledge to curious minds. As knowledge serves the best interest, we will try to enlighten society with the torch of knowledge. Ecofunomics missions to add additional career feathers to every student’s cap. Ecofunomics strives to uplift underprivileged students, empower female students, and add fun spice to education.

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Knowledge is the new currency!!!

We aim at providing an opportunity to every student and educator to heighten their career scopes irrespective of their caste, creed, religion, sex, educational background, or income status.


Ms. Shreya Roy
Ms. Shreya Roy

Ms. Roy is the Founder of Ecofunomics LLP. She is an economist by profession and currently a Ph.D. research scholar at the Indian Institute of Foreign Trade. Ms. Roy has completed her Master’s and Bachelor’s in economics from the University of Calcutta, India. Her expertise lies in international trade, robonomics, and labor economics. She is a lover of art and a philanthropist by heart.

Mr. Sumon Banerjee
Mr. Sumon Banerjee

Mr. Banerjee is the chief operating officer of Ecofunomics LLP. Holding educational qualifications of master’s degree, MPhil, and currently a student of Ph.D. Mr. Banerjee, has expertise in law, finances, and marketing.

Mr. Satish Kumar
Mr. Satish Kumar

Mr. Kumar is the Manager of Ecofunomics LLP. He has a corporate experience of 8 years and his knack for the digital world is impeccable.

Ms. Shefali Singh
Ms. Shefali Singh

Ms. Singh is the research and publishing executive at Ecofunomics LLP. She has a strong command of research techniques. She appreciates the knowledge and thus reads as her hobby.

ZJ & Associates
ZJ & Associates

We announce that ZJ & Associates is the official legal Solicitor of Ecofunomics LLP. ZJ & associates provide several legal and supplementary services across pan India. The team comprises experienced advocates ad lawyers from the Mumbai high court, Kolkata high court, and Supreme court of India.

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