Call for Papers

Theme & Thrust

  • Globalization, Liberalization, and privatization issues
  • Trade policies and welfare
  • Growth & Development
  • Banking & financial issues
  • Behavioral theories
  • Environmental issues
  • E-commerce and the Digital Economy
  • Urbanization
  • Economic Uncertainty and dis-equilibrium
  • IPR & Challenges to the Transmission of Development
  • Labour Productivity and Employment Issues
  • MSME and SEZ
  • Social issues e.g. gender, race, geographical discrimination, etc.

How to Apply?

  • You are requested to send your paper/article to and
  • The chapters will enter the blind review process. You will receive an acceptance intimation via email.
  • If your article is selected you will be asked to complete the review fee.

Who can Apply?

The platform is open to all potential curious minds.

  • Professors, teachers, educators, researchers, etc.
  • Graduate, Post Graduate, or above students.
  • Corporate personnel

Author Guidelines

Article Category: We publish articles under the following categories – Economics, Management, and Knowledge.

Article Types: Research papers (3000 – 5000 words), Light Reads (600 – 2000 words), Book Reviews (600 – 1000 words).

Writing Guidelines: Send us your manuscripts in MS Word format, font – Calibri, font size – 11. Make sure to include an abstract of not more than 150-200 words. Every table, graph, or diagram should have the source address at the bottom right corner. The references should be cited in APA style.

Please note- we publish genuine and original work. Please do not submit any paper that is published elsewhere.

Plagiarism Rules

We follow UGC guidelines. Please maintain strict plagiarism below 5%. Papers and articles with plagiarism above 10% will be rejected.


  • The contributing authors will receive no royalties in cash or kind or any form of financial gain.
  • There is a review fee chargeable to all contributors whose article is selected.
  • Each contributor will receive a free contributor’s soft copy of the journal.
  • Students will also receive certificates.

Contact Details


Email Id:

Phone No: (+91) 7482028953

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