Research Internship Application Selection List

The list of the selected applicants is listed below:

NameSelected/RejectedRejection Reason
Aishwaria ChandRejectedInadequate Subject Knowledge
Akshay Kumar BeheraSelected
Aman Kumar RamSelected
Aman SinghRejectedIncomplete Application – Graduation Degree Unknown
Amrita NandiRejectedinadequate Subject Knowledge
Anandita SinghRejectedinadequate Subject Knowledge
Ananya BasuRejectedIncomplete application
AnirupRejectedInadequate Subject Knowledge.
Anisha DasRejectedInadequate Subject Knowledge.
Anita DasRejectedinadequate Subject Knowledge
Anubhav RaiRejectedInadequate Subject Knowledge
Anuj SharmaRejectedinadequate Subject Knowledge
Anwesha PodderSelected
Anwesha RaySelected
Aroop TiwarySelected
Avinah TiwariRejectedIncomplete application
Ayan BasuRejectedIncomplete Application
Ayush SharmaRejectedinadequate Subject Knowledge
BasuRejectedIncomplete Application
Bishnupriya BeheraSelected
Chahat PratapRejectedIncomplete application
DebrajRejectedInadequate Subject Knowledge
Dip RakshitSelected
Dipali KinduRejectedinadequate Subject Knowledge
Ditsa MaityRejectedIncomplete Application
Gourav KumarRejectedInadequate Subject Knowledge.
Indrayudh PanRejectedIncomplete Application
Kakan DasguptaSelected
Kaushik BanerjeeSelected
Krishika RamanRejectedIncomplete Application
Krishika RaoRejectedIncomplete Application
Krishna MurmuRejectedIncomplete Application
MahuaRejectedIncomplete Application
Mamta KumariRejectedinadequate Subject Knowledge
MasoomRejectedinadequate Subject Knowledge
MeghnaRejectedInadequate Subject Knowledge
Mir Sadique HasanSelected
Mohan CatterjeeRejectedInadequate Subject Knowledge
Mohit MadanRejectedIncomplete Application
Moni RamRejectedIncomplete Application
Monira RahamanRejectedIncomplete Application
Mouli SamantaRejectedIncomplete Application
Naina MishraRejectedinadequate Subject Knowledge
Nayan SharmaRejectedinadequate Subject Knowledge
Nisha SharmaRejectedInadequate Subject Knowledge.
Nitish KumarSelected
Phan ZaheerRejectedIncomplete Application
Poulami MukherjeeRejectedIncomplete Application
Pradeep SinhaRejectedinadequate Subject Knowledge
Pratyasha DuttaSelected
Prem MishraRejectedInadequate Subject Knowledge.
Prince WasimRejectedIncomplete Application
Rajeshwari SwarnakarRejectedInadequate Subject Knowledge.
Ram ShingRejectedIncomplete Application
Ranbir KapoorRejectedIncomplete Application
Raunak ChaudhuryRejectedIncomplete Application
Richa RoyRejectedinadequate Subject Knowledge
Rimita BhaumikSelected
Sandhya KumariRejectedinadequate Subject Knowledge
Sanhita GhoshSelected
Sarman SharmaRejectedInadequate Subject Knowledge.
Shahnawaz KhanSelected
Shreya YadavRejectedinadequate Subject Knowledge
Sneha MahatoRejectedIncomplete application
Sneha MishraRejectedIncomplete application
SnehashisRejectedInadequate Subject Knowledge
Somona KunduRejectedInadequate Subject Knowledge.
Sristi PodderSelected
Subham KumarRejectedinadequate Subject Knowledge
Suchandra MukherjeeRejectedInadequate Subject Knowledge.
Sudip MahatoRejectedinadequate Subject Knowledge
Sumant KumarSelected
Sunita JhaRejectedinadequate Subject Knowledge
Tapan DeyRejectedIncomplete application
TapashRejectedinadequate Subject Knowledge
Vaishnavi RayRejectedinadequate Subject Knowledge
VashisthRejectedincomplete application
Vikas DasRejectedinadequate Subject Knowledge
Vineeta DasRejectedInadequate Subject Knowledge.
Vinie ShrivastavaSelected
VishnuRejectedinadequate Subject Knowledge
Yash KumarRejectedInadequate Subject Knowledge
ZarneenRejectedInadequate Subject Knowledge
ZubairRejectedincomplete application
May 2021- Research Internship

We will contact the selected applicants via email. Feel free to contact us at

We will conduct an online mode of written exam, we will exam you the details soon.

Exam date : 23rd May 2021

Exam Duration: 40 mins. via Zoom call

Subject Knowledge: Economics

You are required to prepare 3-4 research questions you would like to work on. If you are selected for the final round, your research questions will be the focus of the interview.

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