Ecofunomics turned 4 today!

Ecofunomics turned 4 today!

Dear readers,

This a letter from us to you. Ecofunomics turned 4 today (16th Feb 2022). Yeah, we are excited and cannot thank you enough for staying by our side! We had other plans for the day; however, we had to reschedule them due to unforeseen reasons. Even so, our team has made sure to make it up to you on this special eve.

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Startup India

We have a big reveal!!! Ecofunomics LLP is now a startup, recognized by the Department For Promotion Of Industry And Internal Trade, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India. We are very happy and excited to share this piece of news with you guys.

Data Launch


As most of you know that Ecofunomics is active in the field of primary research, we have finally decided to release some of the data for public use. Obviously, to keep our organization running and to have the funds to pay our taxes, we are charging a small amount on our data. The data is suited best for project, dissertations and case studies. We hope this will help plenty of our readers. Click on the button below to know the details.

Economika Book Cover Reveal

We know most of you were expecting Economika 2022 on our birthday but we regret our delay. However, we are happy to announce and reveal the book cover of ECONOMIKA 2022. We hope you like it. We will soon launch Economika 2022 too.

Ecofunomics Team Expansion

It is amazing to see how our team is growing. We have two new members joining our team today as Business Executives. We are so excited to have them on board, we will share more soon. Let’s keep it a hush hush for now!

Once, again we would like to thank you for bracing us over the years. Hope Team Ecofunomics keeps serving you knowledge as knowledge is the new currency.

Ecofunomics 2021- Down the memory lane

We have created a calendar grid for you where we have visually laid out the months of 2021. Let’s quickly take you down the memory lane of 2021. Last year was productive and fruitful. Here is a quick glimpse.

Happy Birthday Preview

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