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  1. economika 2021
  2. Music Diary
  3. Book mark (Any)
  4. Poster (Scene Senary Poster A5)
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An excellent combo – a set of 4

Economika 2021 – INR 250

The dynamics of globalization have brought about many changes in the modern world. Society is proceeding towards modernization along with digitalization. Under such a scenario, talking about contemporary issues of the modern world is a necessity. Every individual has a different theory regarding the contemporary issues of the modern world. Problems concerning economy, politics, business & trade, history, or geography are issues of one and all. The book is a small contribution to the global economy. It has opened its wings to economics, management, journalism, literature, and all that contributes to knowledge.

Size: A5

Pages: 140

Print: Black and White

Page Quality: 70 GSM natural color printing sheets

Music Diary – INR 70

Notebook Cover: 250 GSM B&W

Size: 5.5″ x 8.5″

Binding: Central Pinning

Page Count: 80 Pages

Page Design: Blank White Page

Page Print: Blank

Page Quality: 70 GSM

Book mark (Any) – INR 10

Poster (Scene Senary Poster A5) – INR 20

Total: INR 350 Combo price: 315

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  1. The product of this site are very nice & awesome.. special the book…. The information you will get are very helpful & knowgable.. as every little things are explained in detailed…. Your doubt will be cleared & the poster diaries are very much attractive…
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    All the best for the work & appreciate the work😊😊

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