The Curse of 2020 and the Mysteries of Angkor Wat temple.

The Curse of 2020 and the Mysteries of Angkor Wat temple.

This week we bring to you an interesting read, the curse of 2020. This pandemic we are cursed of the environmental problems, employment problems, and trust issues. Apart from the heavy news, we also present to you an amazing read of the mysteries of the Angkor Wat temple. Did the aliens seriously build the temple?

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Weekly Digest: Current affairs, the curse of 2020

Texas, 26th July: The first Hurricane of 2020 hit Texas

The first Atlantic Hurricane of 2020, Hanna, hit the corona-virus knocked Texas. The wind speed is approximately 90 miles per hour. Hanna is potentially life-threatening which is expected to bring heavy showers, storms, and flash floods in southern Texas and northeastern Mexico. The United States is the worst-hit country from the pandemic and seems like the curse of 2020, is yet to show worse shows.

shallow focus photography of microscope

China/ Pakistan: A secret 3-year deal to research infectious diseases.

The Wuhan Laboratory, the same lab where the disaster of corona virus took place, has signed a coveted deal with Pakistan military’s Defense Science and Technology Organization (DESTO) to research on bio-welfare capabilities. This research focuses on emerging infectious diseases and studies on Biological Control of Vector Transmitting Diseases. According to the report authored by Anthony Klan, scientists are working on deadly agents such as anthrax, Klaxon, and so on. As per the sources, the research will be used for military purposes. However, the question remains is this the introduction of a new curse of 2020?

top view photo of ocean waves

Antarctica, 24th July 2020: Underwater methane gas leak discovered, the first time in human mankind.

According to Andrew Thurber, the author of the study, for the first time, scientists have discovered an active methane leak near Antarctica. The underwater microbes who are responsible for absorbing and controlling the methane level of the ocean aren’t doing their job. This can contribute to severe global warming. The leakage started 5 years back and the current temperature of the continent is -55 F which is slightly higher than the years back. It took 5 years for the methane-eating-microbes to respond to the leakage. However, the leakage is beyond control and will affect the atmosphere 25 times more than carbon dioxide. Seems like the curse of 2020 is ruining our mother Earth as well.

Prime Minister of India and US president

India/ United States, 23rd July 2020: India a loyal pillar to the US?

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi summoned a live summit and made a statement on Aatmnirbhar Bharat (self-reliant India). He said that the US could trust India for trade purposes. The virtual summit was being hosted by the US-India Business Council.

India made a hidden attack on China through his statement of trust. India and China are neighboring countries and produce more or less overlapping products for the world market. The rising tension between the world and China has given India an edge to attract foreign capital in the country. In the virtual summit, India portrayed promising growth and mutual benefits to its investors. India also talked about receiving 20 billion dollars of foreign investment during the pandemic. The country’s Prime Minister pointed towards optimization, trade openness, and variety of opportunity as the key factor of attracting investors and growth opportunities.

Kerala, 22nd July 2020: Indian Graduates earn $4 a day due to pandemic.

It’s not an unknown fact that the entire world is suffering due to the pandemic. The death rates have risen, and the GDP rates have dropped. The world is doomed because of corona-virus, which has its roots in Wuhan, a city in China.

The Indian Engineers are forced to work as unskilled laborers under the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA). 14 young engineering graduates in Kerala’s Kozhikode district, are forced to work as unskilled workers due to the crash of the Indian job market. Indian engineers on average earn $600/ day. However, the current situation has forced them to accept $4 pay a day to make ends meet. The curse of 2020 is hard on the educated.

gray steel containers

China, 21st July 2020: Oil Market has a new competitor and it’s not from Saudi Arabia.

The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) is facing competition in its oil market on the international ground. OPEC is an intergovernmental organization of 13 nations, established on 14 September 1960 in Baghdad and headquartered in Vienna, Austria.

During the COVID 19 pandemic, world petroleum, and crude oil prices had crashed to negative since the world was locked down and the demand was low. Storage of oil was a burden for the suppliers, which pushed their profits to negative. China went on a petroleum shopping spree when the oil market had crashed. Now, the country, smart with the business mind, is supplying the reserves to the world market at a dollar cheaper than market price. The oil is coming from 14 depots of the Shanghai International Energy Exchange. So far 1 million oil is traded from the storage of 39 million oil reserves. Guess, the curse of 2020 is serving someone well.

gray and yellow metal pipes

Delhi, 20th July 2020: Flood in Smart City

A lot of governments have changed during these years but the problem of water logging remains the same in the capital of India. Every government comes with a new promise in their manifesto claiming that there will be no more logging in the upcoming years but continuous rain for 2 hours proved that no government had worked on the problem of water logging.

Is it the inability of the government which cannot solve the problem of flood-like water logging in Delhi?. An Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) research on Delhi shows that the present water lines that are used for carrying water out the city in the form of sewage pipes have 7 times more pressure on it. These pipes are never replaced, even with the increasing rate of population and development in the city.

The Weekly Digest: General Knowledge

Let’s look away from the curse of 2020 and enjoy some mystery genre. The Angkor Wat temple of Cambodia and its highly engrossing mysteries.

The Angkor Wat temple: Most mysterious temple of the world.

A temple made in the 12th century for Indian Lord Vishnu has invited archaeological interests. History says the temple was built in the year 1101 (900 AD), but the radiocarbon dating shows the temple to be 7000 years(i.e. 5000 BC) old. 5000 BC was the era of the Neolithic civilizations. Were the late Neolithic civilizations, that intelligent to make a complex temple structure like the Angkor Wat?

The Angkor Wat comprises geometrical and astronomical patterns. The design needs a great knowledge of architecture and construction tools to build it. The tools used for making this temple were high precision tools, which can be compared to the advanced diamond cutting drills, and hydraulic pressures tools. However, the pondering question which every archaeologist has is, what technology the late Neolithic civilization had, which helped them build such a complex structure? Conspiracy theorists say the temple was made by the Gods… Gods who came from the sky. Can these Gods be referred to as the aliens, who often visited the earth? It is known or a commonly assumed fact that the extraterrestrials had great tools and knowledge, which helped the impossible architectural designs to be possible at that time.

Researching quite a bit made me wonder, did the early men who received extraterrestrial bits of help, started calling the aliens as Gods? Was this temple made to please the extraterrestrials? Are the extraterrestrials, an advance species of human, with great knowledge beyond time?

Authored by: Sumon Banerjee

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Forgoing travel is indeed the biggest curse of 2020.

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