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Ecofunomics is an annual peer-reviewed journal that spreads the light of knowledge. It was established on February 16th, 2018. The purpose was to bring fun to the subject of economics. We publish knowledgeable reads, and academic articles, papers in easy and simple words with relatable examples and research questions. Ecofunomics is an educational and research organization to feed knowledge to curious minds. As knowledge serves the best interest, we try to enlighten society with the torch of knowledge. Ecofunomics strives to uplift underprivileged students, empower female students, and add fun spice to education.

Title: Ecofunomics

Frequency: Annually

Publisher: Ecofunomics LLP

Copyrights: Ecofunomics

Starting Year: 2018

Subject: Social Sciences

Language: English

Publication Format: Online

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Mobile No: +91-7482028953


Year – 2022 | Volume 5 | Issue 1

Paper 1Festive Economy and Mr. Keynes
Prof. Sugata Marjit,
Distinguished Professor,
Indian Institute of Foreign Trade
Paper 2Transformative Learning in Business Education
Prof. Kanika Chatterjee
Professor, Ex-Head of the Department of Commerce
Former Director,
Internal Quality Assurance Cell
University of Calcutta
Paper 3Consumer Behavior Concerning Fast Fashion
Ms. Shreya Roy,
Director, Ecofunomics LLP
Paper 4Nation – what makes it rich or poor?
Anwesha Podder
MSc. in Economics
Calcutta University
Paper 5Oil Crisis due to the Russian-Ukraine War
Ms. Oindrila Bhowmick
Market Researcher, PWC LLP
Research Associate, Ecofunomics LLP
Paper 6Demographic Distribution can affect Social Welfare?
Anwesha Podder
MSc. in
Ms. Shreya Roy,
PhD, IIFT (Kol)
Paper 7Ola & Uber – India’s Leading Aggregators
Mr. Sumon Banerjee.
Chief Operating Officer
Ecofunomics LLP
Paper 8Face-Recognized Trip to the Mall
Ms. Sneha RoyLead Data Scientist
McKinsey & Company
Paper 9Impact of Afghanistan’s current situation on Global Trade
Ms. Aaroohi Dudeja
Data Scientist
Paper 10Mobile Money Service Provider
Ms. Shreya Roy,
Director, Ecofunomics LLP
PhD research Scholar
Indian Institute of Foreign Trade
Paper 11Industrialization and the big development push!
Ms. Anwesha Podder,
Intern, Ecofunomics LLP
Paper 12Disinvestment in India is a good Strategy?
Ms. Anwesha Podder,
Intern, Ecofunomics LLP
MSc, Calcutta University

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