Gender Discrimination and Its Mental Effects

Gender Discrimination and Its Mental Effects

Gender discrimination is a social issue that has existed in our system for ages. It specifically refers to the exclusive treatment of different sexes in society. Each person is judged according to their breed and biological roles in society and thus they are considered inferior to each other. It is usually the women who are troubled with this virus and considered to be of a lower status than men in this male-dominated society. The government has not been able to address and fully control this issue in our society which we term Gender Discrimination.

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Gender Discrimination has developed the worst-case scenarios for women, as they are suffering from various difficulties in their day-to-day life. Ultimately denying them the freedom and opportunities to excel in comparison to the other sex.

Gender Harassment is linked to stereotypes

Gender Harassment is linked to stereotypes and gender roles and includes the belief that one gender or sex is intrinsically superior to another. This effect has been noticed in various places may it be in the professional field, domestic lives, or education. Women have to face constant pressure with company restructuring, lack of managerial support, and balancing work and family life, which leaves them feeling completely drained. Additional workplace pressures, unequal pay, corporate promotion issues, and performance expectations– women have to face it all. Stereotype threat and indigenous dubiousness are present in many workplaces and women often bear the brunt. To prevent this, top officials should make sure that women have a more flexible working atmosphere, better career security, and progression. Companies and organizations should also allow women employees whenever needed to work from home. Healthy employees are eventually more productive. Organizations must introduce or modify their policies that are more oriented towards women.

Societal norms, rules, and roles instruct and encourage men to value women, making it the need of the hour. However, women also need to reciprocate the same respect towards men. Men can also face issues like sexual harassment, inequality, and workload pressure. Just like women cells, even men should be provided with a similar facility to register complaints of being gender harassed. Harassment is harassment irrespective of the sex.  

Sexual harassment/ discrimination can be termed a catalyst targeting the physical and mental health of the victims. Mental health disorders often stem from a variety of contributing factors. One possible factor that we often leave out and barely discuss is sexism and gender discrimination hitting hard at once mental health. It has been observed that gender discrimination can lead to several mental disorders, mainly including depression and post-traumatic stress disorder. Research suggests that women are more likely to experience signs of

  • Psychological stress
  • Depression
  • Suicidal Tendencies
  • Anxiety
  • Diminished self-esteem and other mental disorders after experiencing gender discrimination.


Gender discrimination not only negatively affects your mental health, but it can also make you a victim of wrong habits and bad things such as the consumption of drugs. When people are struggling to cope with their mental health, they may often fall prey to drug or alcohol abuse as a form of self-medication. Taking the bigger picture, if sexism/gender discrimination were reduced it would directly lead to a lower rate of depression and psychological disorder cases.

Therefore, gender discrimination is a big problem around the world, even after so many efforts by the government and various organizations, it remains embedded in the roots of our society. There are many reasons which lead to gender discrimination that cannot be easily taken out of society. We can still try to educate people and create awareness for the cause so that all genders can enjoy their rights and get the deserved treatment irrespective of their sex.

Mr. Shivang Mathur
Mr. Shivang Mathur

Mr. Mathur is a Senior Journalist & Motivational Speaker. He is an alumnus of Asian School of Media studies.

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