Women’s Health – A New Global Agenda

Women’s Health – A New Global Agenda

Women’s health represents the health of a nation and therefore, a new global agenda for women’s health is crucial. Gender equality and women empowerment are also very important for improving women’s health globally. In the past few years, women and girls across the world have started facing certain health issues. From PCOD, Premature Menopause, sexual, reproductive, and maternal health issues to cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and depression. But their health is ignored several times and in many societies across the world, they are still discriminated against due to pre-existing socio-cultural factors. Less education and employment opportunities, unequal status, weak relationships with partners, and experience of sexual, physical, or emotional abuse prevent them to benefit from quality health services. This is why their health has now become A Global Agenda.

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Many global efforts have been made in recent years to improve the health of women, the medical research conducted in history were only centralized around men and the researchers assumed the findings to be equally applicable to women which has made things worse for the females. Hence, a global agenda for women’s health must have a broad focus to limit the health issues faced by women and girls globally. Scientific studies around women’s health issues should be conducted globally.

Adequate resources and efforts are required at local, national, and international levels to improve the quality and reach of health services to women across the world and to create awareness among the people regarding the common health issues they can or might be facing. Moreover, to formulate, evaluate, and provide the best healthcare facilities to women for the prevention, management, and treatment of diseases, the differences between the sex are required to be examined regularly, which is very essential and should be taken into consideration across all areas of health and medicine.

Why women’s health is important?

There has been a sudden increase in the diseases which are caused due to the recent lifestyle changes in a woman’s life. Adoption of prevention strategy is a need of the hour. Good health must be a priority; however, it becomes very difficult for women who lead busy lives to cope up with their health and well-being. It is very important to educate and aware women about these health conditions at home and the workplace too. A huge percent of women today is sharing the responsibility of household as well as at the workplace equally as a man but they let themselves and their health slip low on their priority lists. A healthy woman means a healthy family and it is the responsibility of the family members to take care of the women in their respective families like the way they take care of all of them.

Making her health a priority

A woman needs to make herself and her health a priority. Global efforts are being taken to improve the quality of their health but they have to stand for themselves first. Looking after their lifestyle, adopting healthy eating habits, exercising regularly helps in reducing the risks of many diseases. Hence, there is an urgent need to empower women to take care of their health.

A healthy woman represents a healthy nation and therefore, a new global agenda for women’s health is crucial. Gender equality and women empowerment are also very important for improving women’s health globally. They should be given equal access to material resources, equality in childhood development, equality in primary and secondary education, equal status in the workplace and the family as given to a man. All this will contribute to the improvement in the well-being of women around the globe. So, let’s make it happen, let’s improve women’s health.

Ms. Manisha Chopra
Ms. Manisha Chopra

Ms. Chopra is a nutritionist, dietician, and fitness Expert. She is an alumna of Colorado University.

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