LGBTQIA – Freedom of choice

LGBTQIA – Freedom of choice

LGBTQIA stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer/questioning, intersex, and asexual. Why is it necessary to talk and normalize an LGBTQIA or LGBT? Let’s face it we stay in an economy where people are still afraid to express their choice or love publicly. Men cannot express their love for makeup or feminine clothing style. Women will die rather than express their asexuality or desire to live a solo life. Everybody on this planet is struggling to fit an identity created by somebody else. Men are supposed to marry women, women are supposed to marry men, cross-dressing is taboo, makeup is only for women, being transgender is a sin, asexuality is just in your brains! So, who exactly are the rule-makers of mankind? And as I am known to break the silence on rarely talked topics, here I am speaking about LGBTQIA.

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Why is LGBTQIA bothering everyone?

Now the correct question is – is it actually bothering everyone or only a group of people? If so, why are they concerned? I am no Karen to poke my nose where it doesn’t belong, but here is what I believe happens. Even though changes are normal, every change is difficult to adjust initially. For example, how many of you have actually invested in crypto or NFTs? Why haven’t you invested? Because somewhere down below your consciousness, you believe it will result in a bad outcome (negative returns or loss). When we are patiently waiting for the modernization of most financial beliefs, why can’t we be patient with outdated social beliefs? Most believe, the feelings are not biological rather psychological and need medical attention. I seriously believe in live, let live. If it is not harming you in any way, why are you so concerned with their whereabouts?

Freedom of choice

The first women’s empowerment movement was held in Seneca Falls Convention, New York in 1848. Today, women are empowered. We have seats in the parliament, universities, and employment sectors. We have the right to vote, cast an opinion, freedom to work or not to work. Similarly, the gay rights movement first started in 1924, when a German immigrant, Henry Gerber, started the Society for Human Rights in Chicago. We are definitely looking forward to a brighter future for the LGBT community. 

Should we seriously be concerned regarding what other human beings are doing with their lives? Should we force them to believe something is wrong with them or their brain? If somebody is not hurting us physically, emotionally, or mentally, then what right do we have to hinder their happiness and freedom?

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  1. Thank Goodness somebody is speaking so openly about the issues. Everybody deserves education, job, normal life. Society should be more supportive.

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